Tribal Media House, HowTo video service “Funmee !!” Releasing all 24 practice videos of skills by freestyle football world samurai · Tokura at once

Tribal Media House, HowTo video service “Funmee !!” Releasing all 24 practice videos of skills by freestyle football world samurai · Tokura at once
Tribal Media House, Inc. Tribal Media House, HowTo video service “Funmee !!” freestyle football world samurai · Tokura’s practice of all 24 techniques revealed at once Hobby’s 1 minute HowTo video service further enhances popular content ………………………………………………………………………………… The Tribal Media House (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Noriyuki Ikeda, hereinafter “Tribal”), which sets the mission to “Create a Future Exciting with Social Economy”, today announced that one of its hobbies We published 24 full-length practice videos of skill by freestyle football world’s samurai · Tokura at HowTo video service “Funmee !!” ( for a minute.
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■ Overview and features of this content (1) First prize Freestyle Footballer Tokura with a number of award-winning performances for the first full-fledged HowTo movie (2) 24 free trivia football beginners to intermediate HowTo movies for all (3) Since “practice drill” is also included along with the technique, it is easy to understand the acquisition points (4) Since techniques are introduced in a short and short video that is over 1 minute strong, Ideal for consistently practicing
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■ Tokura (Kotaro Tokuda) Profile
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In 2009, at the age of 17 he won the all-day convention of Freestyle Football “Red Bull Street Style Japan Final” (the youngest in the history of the event). At the “Red Bull Street Style World Final 2012” held in Italy in 2012, we will win the first Japanese victory. Appearing in the food commercial “Samurai in Brazil” in 2014, the appearance of manipulating soccer balls with overwhelming techniques wearing helmets and armor became a big topic.
■ HowTo Movie Media “Funmee !!” It is a HowTo video service that resolves the problem “I do not know how to do” that users enjoying hobbies do “I want to improve more” anytime, anywhere, concisely and easily. All the provided video contents are produced with the concept of supervision supervised by professionals, smartphone, animation, excessive production exclusion, and short lengths. At present, coffee, ukulele, road bike, origami, small boat etc. are released, and howTo movies of piano, camera, shogi etc are planned to be added from now on. Anyone can see HowTo videos free of charge.
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■ Corporate menu “Funmee !!” finishes textual and image-centered content that has been sent from corporate websites, product catalogs, instruction manuals, etc. to short-length HowTo videos optimized for social media and smartphones era, delivery By doing so, we offer services that promote understanding of users, intention to purchase, intention to repurchase, and improvement of the intention of recommendation. Please contact us for further information. A charge 1.8 million yen ~ (including 1.2 below) 1. Planning fee 300,000 yen ~ 2. Production cost 1.5 million yen: HowTo animation production 10 pieces ※ HowTo animation production is available from 10 pieces. ※ All amounts are tax-excluded. ——————————————————- Company Profile Company name: Tribal Media House, Inc. Head office location: 2-15-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tokyu Ginza 2-chome Building Representative Director and President: Noriyuki Ikeda Business description: Digital marketing business ——————————————————-

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