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Relativity The first live album “Investigating Relativity” artwork and recorded songs announced!

Pony Canyon, Inc Relativity The first live album “Investigating Relativity” artwork & recordings announced! A total of 10 songs are recorded from the recent live performances that have been awarded as “I’m trying to reach a height,” someday, somewhere. …………………………………………………………………………………………
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“Relativity theory to investigate” jacket The artwork, recordings, and bonus images of the first live album Relativity to be released, released on July 24, 2019, are presented. The jacket is an artwork that uses drawings drawn by Tsutsuko, which is similar to previous works of relativity. A unique, different dimensional, different spatial world of relativity is expressed.
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Working on the theory of relativity from the beginning, Masato Matsumura, an editor and critic who has been following the trend, said, “I am trying to reach a height. There is something unusual in the playing field of the present theory of relativity. There is a recent theory of relativity that has been awarded. The live album “Relativity to investigate” contains 10 songs selected carefully from the time space of “someday, somewhere” after the Nippon Budokan performance “Heighton”. The songs are 1. Ultra soda 2. Kids No Return 3. Miss Parallel World 4. Benten-sama is a spirituality 5. Peperoncino Candy 6. LOVE Zukkun 7. Tenchi creation SOS 8. NEO-FUTURE 9. I am humanity 10. FLASHBACK Music produced by Yakushimaru using biotechnology and the world’s largest international scientific art award · Ars Electronica STARTS PRIZE Grand Prix winning song “I am humanity” Live version over 8 minutes and “I am humanity” as live The familiar “FLASHBACK” as a climax song, “Benten-sama wa Spirituara” that called for a great response to the performance with strings, and many songs for which the live version was eagerly awaited, including the long-awaited first sound source . From the world’s one and only singing voice and world view, from the spacey groove to full use of original instruments and improvisation to roar feedback, in recent years the theory of relativity that let you play an overwhelming ensemble centered on pop music but not unique There have been many requests for live album releases since the live performances, especially the Nippon Budokan performance “Hatsugon”.
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Theory of relativity The theory of relativity is Etsuko Yakushimaru (Vo, dimtakt, Gt & etc.), Seiichi Nagai (Gt), Kei Yoshida (Ba), Motoki Yamaguchi (Dr). Famous for Fishman’s, zAk has been in charge of live PA for many years. Allied engineer engineer Yujiro Yonezu is responsible for live REC, and Yujiro Yonezu & relativity are in charge for live MIX. Mastering is a master Ted Jensen who also works with Bjork and Cigarros. In addition to CDs, the high-quality 45-rotation heavy-duty 12-inch analog record was announced for sale in addition to CDs, but the number of analog records was set from 2 to 3 for further improvement of sound quality. Increase. It is sold with high sound quality 45 rotation weight board 12 inch analog record 3 set specifications. Furthermore, with the fashion brand “FACETASM” that has attracted attention from all over the world, such as performing various original costume productions and collaborations at Budokan performances and Fuji Rock and so on, and Kendrick Lamar wearing them as costumes. Limited edition limited edition special edition BOX which limited collaboration T-shirt was set is also released. T-shirts are one size (equivalent to L size), and the print colors are different for CD and analog respectively.
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“Investigating Relativity” First-time Purchaser Benefits “Relativity Theory Limited Can Badge” “Relativity to investigate” First-aid purchaser privilege “Relative theory limited cans badge” (by corporation, all three types) images are also released. “Relativity theory limited cans badge” and “FACETASM collaboration T-shirt with special edition BOX” will be limited, so those who want to be sure to get it will rush to make a reservation. ——- *comment “Their performance is about to reach another height. While supporting each other, I would like to say that it is not worthwhile to travel as much as the live of the relativity theory of this time that exerts individual musicianship without hesitation. Even though it is a band form, it secures the greatest commons pop while utilizing the musicality of each member. However, there is no remainder at the center of the Etsuko, which is like a prime number. There is nothing unique in the field of the present relativity theory so that it is tempting to reciprocate the rebellious barrage that the surplus itself can not be replaced even though it is not surplus itself. ” Masato Matsumura (Editor, Critic) ——- *Related Links Relativity “relativity to investigate” mirairecords.com/stsr/2337 Relativity Official Site mirairecords.com/stsr/ ——- * Product information 1 Theory of relativity “Theory of Relativity” CD Included songs: 10 songs in total 1. Ultra soda 2. Kids No Return 3. Miss Parallel World 4. Benten-sama is a spirituality 5. Peperoncino Candy 6. LOVE Zukkun 7. Tenchi creation SOS 8. NEO-FUTURE 9. I am humanity 10. FLASHBACK Product number: QAMR-16190 Price: 2,700 yen (+ TAX) Label: Mirai Records Live Production: Pony Canyon

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