Seminar of Junya Yamada, Representative Director of KKR Consulting Co., Ltd., entitled “How to Survive Refuge Business Passion Era” is held at the TKP Toranomon Ekimae Conference Center on Friday, April 19!

Seminar of Junya Yamada, Representative Director of KKR Consulting Co., Ltd., entitled “How to Survive Refuge Business Passion Era” is held at the TKP Toranomon Ekimae Conference Center on Friday, April 19!
New Social System Research Institute, Inc. Seminar of Junya Yamada, Representative Director of KKR Consulting Co., Ltd., held on April 19 (Friday) at the TKP Toranomon Ekimae Conference Center entitled “How to Survive the Refugee Business Passage Era”! The New Social System Research Institute (President, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hisatoshi Odaka, SSK) will hold the following seminar at TKP Toranomon Ekimae Center Conference Center (Minato Ward) on April 19, ………………………………………………………………………………… How to survive the era of new business purchase price reengineering ~ Heisei 31 Foreign policy etc. Opinion etc. policy and tax preferential treatment ~ Entitled KKR Consulting Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Junya Yamada Tax Accountant Office President Tax Accountant and General Association Renewable Energy Promotion Association Junya Yamada from the researcher of the Renewable Energy Promotion Promotion Association Seminar to explain the latest reengineering tax system based on the FY1991 tax reform Held at TKP Toranomon Ekimae Conference Center on Friday, April 19, 2019!
■ Date and time of opening April 19, Friday, 2019 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
■ Venue TKP Toranomon Ekimae Conference Center Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1-4-3 NT Toranomon Building
● Government’s thorough explanation of policies for renewable energy in recent years
● Consider industry countermeasures against government anti-renewable energy policy together
● Based on the revision of the tax system in FY2001, thorough explanation of the tax system for re-generating power generation equipment We are setting up a company and accounting office and we are going to be a tax accountant who is good at reenergizing facilities and will be in its 7th year soon. From the start of the FIT method, we will soon be in the eighth year. The FIT law was enacted and enforced under the DPJ government. At that time, the fixed purchase price was set to be IRR 6% to 7% (initially 3 years is profit consideration period), instantaneous depreciation system called green investment tax reduction, depreciation property tax relief system for renewable energy, The subsidy system for residential and industrial photovoltaic power generation equipment was aiming for price reduction of early generation cost. However, at present, there is no special depreciation for the whole quantity power selling facility, and the subsidy system has also disappeared. I rely on FIT system. Under such circumstances, an opinion on the procurement price etc since FY2001 (January 9, 2019 procurement price etc. calculation committee) was announced. I think that there are not opportunities to read the real thing too much, although it thinks that there is no sale trader of the energy-saving equipment, businesspeople who purchase and generate electricity, the general public, it is a terrible content. Regarding sunlight, the plan is as follows. 1. Bidding system is introduced for photovoltaic power generation of 2,000 kW or more from FY2007, but expansion to solar photovoltaic generation of over 500 kW range. 2. To calculate the system price which is the calculation factor of the procurement price of sunlight (less than 500 kW), incorporate the future cost level and set it to a lower price by the calculation method different from the previous year. 3. Reduce the IRR (a kind of yield), which is an important incentive for investing in re-energy, from 5% to 4%. As a result, the procurement price of sunlight (less than 500 kW) is 14 yen / kWh. (If it is a conventional calculation method, it is considered to be about 16 yen / kWh.) The procurement price etc. opinion in FY2001 is said to progress the cost reduction by these, but in this content, we just reduced the short-term procurement price. It is obvious that the fall in the generation cost and the price of electricity charges will be hindered and will be postponed to the future. In addition, there is another schedule to introduce a bidding system to wind power generation from 2021 fully. In addition, there is an immediate depreciation system (management strengthening taxation system) for machinery and equipment etc. acquired by small and medium enterprises, etc. In the tax system revision in FY1991, the applicable facility is reexamined and the applicable time limit until March Heisei 33 It is expected that it will be extended. Although this tax system did not apply to things that sold the whole amount of electricity for some reason, it seems that consideration is being made to eliminate the application to surplus electricity selling, and at the seminar it is confirmed I will be able to tell you what I did. I have been a researcher of the Renewable Energy Promotion Association ( and are promoting the spread of reenergies, but as an industry of energy conservation, I firmly We believe that if we do not compete with the energy policy, the profit of the industry will be greatly impaired. It is planned to be half by policy explanation and tax explanation commentary. 1. Recent policies on renewable energy generation (1) About the response to the realization of energy mix in 2030 ~ Organization overall – (Agency of Natural Resources and Energy, March 26, 1990) (2) Explanation of the 5th Energy Basic Plan (Decided by the Cabinet on July 3, 1803) (3) Opinions concerning procurement prices etc since FY2001 (Procurement price etc. calculation committee on January 9, 2011) commentary (4) Promotion of reenergization, considering what can be done as a re – energy industry for the re – energy industry and the interests of the people. 2. Commentary on the latest reengineering taxation based on the FY2001 tax system revision 3. Q & A / Business card exchange

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