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Challenge to solve agricultural issues that Matsumoto City, agricultural workers, local residents and areas have! Matsumoto Yamaga FC “Smile Yamaga Agricultural Project 2019” started

Matsumoto Yamaga Corporation Challenge to solve agricultural issues that Matsumoto City, agricultural workers, local residents and areas have! Matsumoto Yamaga FC “Smile Yamaga Agricultural Project 2019” started We carry out seeding of blue soybean “Aya Midori” on Saturday, June 29 …………………………………………………………………………………………
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Masayoshi Matsumotoyama FC will continue to implement the “Smile Yamaga Agricultural Project” launched last year. In this project, entitled “Smile Yamaga Agricultural Project 2019” as part of the “Social Cooperation Activities (common name: Charen!)” Launched on the 25th anniversary of the J League’s founding, this year will also engage in local government and agriculture in the second term. We challenge local agricultural problem solution with people of people, local resident. This year, we will expand the scale to two locations in the field near the idle farmland in the Nakayama district last year and Matsumotoyama Masa FC’s home stadium “Sanpro Alwin”, and grow blue soybeans in cooperation with the residents around each field. I will. In general, we will recruit general participants from the “Seed-Morning” to be held at the Sanpro Alwin site on June 29 (Saturday) as follows. “Smile Yamaga Agricultural Project 2019 Seeding” Outline (1) Nakayama district meeting place Date and time: June 29 (Sat) 9:30 Participants: Matsumoto City / Matsumoto City Agriculture Committee / Alps Market / Comhouse Matsumotoyama Masa FC (Matsumoto Yama Masa FC Ambassador Hiromi Shishido) (2) Sun Pro Arwin Venue “Kanda President and Seeding Experience @ San Al” Date and time: June 29 (Sat) 9:30-(approximately 90 minutes) Participants: Matsumoto City / Agriculture Association Association South / Inatori Association / Kayabayashi Masanori Association Social Welfare Corporation Nagano Prefecture Intellectual Disabled Persons Development Association Dream Works Matsumotoyama Masa FC (Masamoto Matsumoto President and Representative Director Fumiyuki Kanda) www.yamaga-fc.com/) ※ Registration requires J-League ID registration. Reception period: June 11 (Tuesday)-June 20 (Thu) 18:00
【What is Smile Yamaga Agricultural Project?】
In order to contribute to the revitalization of the local community and “town development” rooted in the area, this project will address Matsumoto City and Matsumoto in response to issues such as “farmland devastation” and “passage of agricultural technology” in Hometown Matsumoto City. “Utilization of idle farmland”, “activation of exchange of local residents”, “activation of interchange of local residents”, “youth of youth” through cultivation of blue soybean “Aya Midori” in idle farmland in collaboration with city agriculture committee, direct sale place, handicapped welfare service establishment Worked on
[What is blue soybean “Aya Midori”]
A green soybean variety developed in 2009 by the Nagano Prefectural Vegetable and Flower Test Station in Shiojiri City, Matsumotoyama Masa FC Hometown. A tofu-processing soybean that is green in appearance, strong in disease and less prone to lodging. It is derived from “Shinano Azuki” and “Tianjin Blue Soy”, and is derived from a line modified from Blue Soy and “Tachinagaha”. The seed coat and navel are green and the appearance of the fruit is good and the cotyledon is also green. It is resistant to soybean mosaic virus and purpura, it has a low incidence of disease particles and is of good quality, and it is a long leaf with a common cultivar as well as a good plant type and a low incidence of lodging. When processed into tofu, it becomes pale green and has a sweet taste.
[Last year’s activities]
At Matsumoto Yamaga FC, children at Youth Academy U-12 (4th to 6th grade elementary school) experienced cultivation and harvesting, and processed 270 kg of harvested green at a producer’s direct sale shop and had a home game venue Sold to fans and supporters at Cafe Yamaga. In addition, we provided local elementary and junior high school meals and carried out activities to make the project widely known.

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