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A view of the world of Studio Ghibli that attracts you with “Japanese instruments” “Ghibliental-Glibental-produced by HANABI” June 26 (Wednesday) release decision!

Star Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. A view of the world of Studio Ghibli that attracts with “Japanese instruments”! “Ghibliental-Glibental-produced by HANABI” June 26 (Wednesday) release decision! ………………………………………………………………………………………… The first supervision of “HANABI PROJECT” active in the world. The cover album “Ghibliental-Glibental-produced by HANABI” which expressed the world view of Studio Ghibli with “Japanese musical instruments” is released from Wednesday, June 26!
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HANABI PROJECT is a Japan-made creative group that attracts attention from the world that combines traditional Japanese culture and cutting-edge technology art with DJ-directed music spaces. In this album, BABY-T, Relect, etc. are in charge of music, led by sound producer DJ KAYA. In addition to the Hanabi Tsugaru shamisen player Ryoji Kubota, the shakuhachi player, and the Hitoshi Nakamura player Hitoshi Nakamura, who are in charge of Japanese musical instruments, there are Japanese taiko player Taisuke Yamabe, Akira and seventeen-song player Usami Akiko, etc. Furthermore, Sumi Shimamoto, the voice actor of the movie “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”, participated as a vocalist, and created an album worth listening to. Artist: HANABI Title: Ghibliental-Glibental-produced by HANABI Number of songs: 12 songs Label: HANABI RECORDINGS Release date: June 26, 2019 (Wednesday) Price: 1,950 yen (excluding tax) Genre: DANCE Form: CD, distribution album ——————————————————– ————————————————- HANABI PROJECT
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A music space created by DJ, combining traditional Japanese culture and cutting-edge technology art. Japan-made creative group that the world pays attention to. The album containing the music of HANABI won the first place in the overseas music chart. A number of live performances have been exhibited, such as the Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival, the Japan Festival held in the Netherlands, the CLUB MADFOX in Amsterdam, and the CLUB E11 EVEN in Miami. The activity is taken up by many media including NHK program “Japanese entertainment”. Instagram www.instagram.com/hanabi_project/ facebook www.facebook.com/hanabimusic/ Contact Us Star Music Entertainment Inc. TEL: 03-6809-0871 / Fax 03-6809-0872 info@starmusic.co.jp

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