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Employment decisions of inexperienced persons come out one after another! Held a briefing session on “Free Employment Support 3D Maya Course” 3D Tiger Hole “”

Creek & River Co., Ltd. Employment decisions of inexperienced people come out one after another! Held a briefing session on “Free Employment Support 3D Maya Course” 3D Tiger Hole “” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Creek & River Co., Ltd. will hold a free 3DCG Skills Up Course “3D Tiger Hole” briefing for those aiming to work in the game, gaming machine and video industries. www.creativevillage.ne.jp/7387
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This course is a 3-month limited intensive course to develop skills that can be accepted as an instant 3DCG designer in the game and gaming machine industry. We will give a one-on-one lecture according to individual skills such as business manners for business people and interview preparation, focusing on skill improvement of 3D production tools (Maya). 3DCG designer job support and activity support as well as after-sales follow-up after the course has been enhanced, and the inexperienced people who have taken so far have also decided to work at game companies etc. At this briefing session, we will explain this course in detail, while looking at the works of those who have actually taken it. All course fees are free. If you really want to work in the game industry! Please join us. ・ Acquisition of modeling and motion skills and portfolio production ・ Many manners and industry knowledge ・ Lecture charge is free. ※ Transportation expenses will be paid in full. Used software ・ Maya 2017 ・ Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop / AfterEffects) ・ Unity etc Free employment support 3DCG course “3D tiger hole” experience type briefing session
■ Date and time 19: 15-20: 30 (Wednesday, 19 June 2019) (19:00 reception start) Wednesday, July 3, 2019 19:15-20:30 (19:00 reception start) Wednesday, July 17, 2019 19:15-20:30 (19:00 reception start) 19:15-20:30 (Wednesday, July 31, 2019) (19:00 reception starts) ※ The same content will be the same each time. ※ If you have difficulty joining the schedule above, please feel free to contact the contact below.
■ Location Creek & River Co., Ltd. Headquarters 5F 橋 105-0004, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Shinbashi 1-chome, Shincho Dori CORE www.creativevillage.ne.jp/access_map#maptokyo
■ Target Those interested in working in the CG / gaming / playing machine industry (experienced people welcome)
▼ Application for details and briefing session of course contents is this www.creativevillage.ne.jp/7387
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Creek & River Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Digital Content Group Sato / Nakamura Email: 3dcg-academy@hq.cri.co.jp TEL: 03-4570-7087 (Direct)

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