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Photo lifestyle WEB magazine “NICO STOP” released

Nikon IJ Photolifestyle WEB Magazine “NICO STOP” Released ………………………………………………………………………………………… Nikon Imaging Japan Co., Ltd. (President: Hideyuki Kitabata, Minato-ku, Tokyo) is a photo lifestyle WEB magazine “NICO STOP”, which sends out the fun of photos and cameras based on the concept of “richness that photos bring to you.” “Nicostop” will be released from June 13, 2019 (Thu). Site URL: nicostop.nikon-image.com/
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In “NICO STOP”, we introduce daily information to enjoy photos and cameras, such as photo essays, basics of how to take photos, and introduction of spots that can be touched with photos by photographers on topics such as SNS. Also, Twitter and Instagram by NICO STOP editorial department will be launched.
Name: NICO STOP Release date: June 13, 2019 (Thu) URL: nicostop.nikon-image.com/ Twitter: NICO STOP editorial section @ nicostop_editor https://twitter.com/nicostop_editor Instagram: NICO STOP formula @ nicostop_official www.instagram.com/nicostop_official/
It is a photo lifestyle web magazine operated by Nikon Imaging Japan. NICO STOP C is Communication C. I want to find a way to enjoy the camera, photos and videos with everyone who reads it. Also, STOP means the stop. NICO STOP wants to be a point of arrival and departure where those who are interested in cameras and photos feel free to stop by and find something and then leave for the next.
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1. Sunny, sometimes retro feeling With a nostalgic warm photo taken with a film camera or an old lens, We introduce retro spots where Japanese people can feel nostalgic, such as pure cafes and old houses. 2. Z trip with photographers and 47 prefectures A photo essay where popular photographers travel around Japan with the Z series. Here are some recommended points that you would like to take a camera with you and take a shot. 3. Portrait to color with you We introduce how to take portraits for camera beginners. We will provide you with useful information on shooting, such as basics of composition, tips for selecting locations, and communication methods with models. 4. Nico and Photo Tour Here are some spots where you can touch the photos. You can enjoy photos and enjoy photos with music and food, and navigate through the “Fuseful Photo Tour” that can only be enjoyed at the place where you can enjoy photography.
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Takahiro Sakai, Yohei Sawamura, jyota, yuki, nano, Hana, Fujimori Megumi, Yusuke Hanazawa, etc. Please download the full release text from the following URL. prtimes.jp/a/?f=d16573-20190613-1667.pdf

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