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  • 7/21 “Odakyu Match Day” & “Let’s send smiles to children !! ~ 10,000 project ~” “Railway idol” Momo Ito will attend

7/21 “Odakyu Match Day” & “Let’s send smiles to children !! ~ 10,000 project ~” “Railway idol” Momo Ito will attend

Zerubia Corporation 7/21 “Odakyu Match Day” & “Let’s send smiles to children !! ~ 10,000 project ~” “Railway idol” Momo Ito will attend ………………………………………………………………………………………… Thank you for always supporting FC Machida Zelvia. In FC Machida Zelvia, “Odakyu Match Day” & “Let’s send smiles to children against Tokushima Voltis”, the first home game for summer vacation held at Machida City Athletics Stadium on Sunday, July 21 !! ~ 10,000 The project will be held with the name “. We are pleased to announce that we will have a live and talk show with talented Momo Ito, who has written the book “Odakyu All Stations Story” as a railway idol, in order to make this game exciting.
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The event site is Z theater in Zelby Land (event square), and viewing is free. There is no doubt that the live music will be a talk show and a fun stage event, so please come to the stadium! □ Momo Ito Official site: ito-momo.amebaownd.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/itomomomo Instagram: www.instagram.com/itomomo_tetsu/ プ ロ フ ィ ー ル Profile I am from Noheji Town, Aomori Prefecture. Beside acting as a gravure idol, he wrote that he wrote his blog about his favorite railway trip, and began to work as a railway idol. I love sleeper trains since I was a child, and my first trip with my only sister was a ride on the Sea of ​​Japan, now without it. Complete JR All Line Ride in 2016. JIRA-type Kiha 40 is a car that likes shiver stations and trains. If you choose your favorite route, JR Hokkaido’s Hidaka Main Line. Writing activities such as “j train”, “Travel and Railroad” and other journals such as railway magazines and column postings on the Village Vanguard site, “School Revolution (Nippon TV)”, “A certain A-Leoning Party (TV Asahi)” and many other media But active. The new book “Odakyu All Stations Story” (Shinko Music Magazine), which actually got down the whole station of Odakyu and was written on the theme of stations and history and tavern, is now on sale! □ Match summary Meiji Yasuda Life J2 League Round 23 FC Machida Zelvia vs Tokushima Voltis Date and time: Sunday, July 21, 2018 18:00 Venue: Machida City Athletics Stadium ※ Please purchase tickets from
. □ Event Schedule (Venue: Zelby Land Z Theater) Planned to be implemented between 16:00 and 17:00 ※ Details will be announced separately. We look forward to seeing you there!

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