【Tokyo Dance Village】
20s and 30s K-Pop Women who like to dance want to dance.

Sprix Inc. 20’s 30’s K-Pop The girls who like to dance want to dance, want to be the 1st face you want to be? Popularity survey ranking of K-POP artists! I would like to dance, I would like to become a face, etc. TWICE has 4 crowns! The next coming is that Japan-Korea Joint Group! ? ………………………………………………………………………………………… A dance school “Tokyo Dance Village”, which is limited to beginners in their thirties and girls in the 20’s and 30’s run by Sprix Inc., has been popularized with K-POP dance, whose number has been increasing in recent years, and conducts a popularity survey on K-POP artists. Publish the ranking.
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20’s and 30’s K-POP favorite K-POP artist rankings chosen by girls Q1 Which K-POP artist do you like? 1st place TWICE 2nd place Dong Bang Shin Ki Third place girlhood 4th bulletproof boy group 5th place BLACKPINK Q2 Who do you think is the best female K-POP artist for dancing? 1st place TWICE: Momo 2nd place BoA 3rd place BLACKPINK: Lisa 4th Girl: Soo Young 5th Girl’s Generation: Hyo Young Q3 What K-POP songs do you want to copy and dance? 1st place TWICE: TT 2nd Girlhood: Gee Third Place Girlhood: MR.TAXI 4th place TWICE: FANCY 5th KARA: Mr. Q4 Which female K-POP artist do you want to be this face? 1st place TWICE: Momo 2nd place BoA Third place TWICE: Tsuwi 4th Girl: Soo Young Girls’ Generation: Yuna 5th BLACKPINK: LISA Popular K-POP Girls Group “TWICE”, which has been active since 2015, won the first place in four categories! TWICE’s Japanese member Momo won the best ranking in dance, and also in the face ranking she wanted to be. Music, visual and performance are perfect! It can be said that it is a popular artist who drives the era of peace. Q5 You will come next! Who do you think is a K-POP artist? 1st place IZ * ONE 2nd place TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) NCT 3rd place ASTRO 4th place Cherry Bullet 5th place EXO Fromis_9 ITZY THE BOYZ Producex 101 For the next artist ranking, IZ * ONE (Ais One), which has been in operation since 2018, was selected. The reasons for the selection were “Japan-Korea joint members have individuality” and “dance and singing are good”. Keep an eye on the Japan-Korea Joint Global Girls Unit.
■ Questionnaire outline Survey method: Internet survey for women in their 20s and 30s Questionnaire implementation period: May 20, 2019 Number of respondents: 441
■ What is Tokyo Dance Village (www.dancevillage.jp/) It is a dance school limited to beginners 20s and 30s girls. There are more than 300 classes, and you can enjoy popular K-Pop, HIPHOP, ballet, burlesque, belly dance, hula dance, Tahitian dance, cheer dance and more. Trial lesson free K-POP dance www.dancevillage.jp/lineup/kpop/

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