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SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2019 “new values-The New Rules …” The theme of holding is decided on September 11-22

General incorporated corporation Shibuya future design SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2019 “New Values-The New Rules-” will be held on September 11-22 Shibuya Future Design Announced at Business Plan Presentation Meeting 2019 ………………………………………………………………………………………… Shibuya Mirai Design (hereinafter referred to as Shibuya Mirai Design) is based on diversity and inclusion, the area of ​​ideas and talents of diverse people gathered in Shibuya, such as those living in Shibuya, working people, learning people, visiting people, It is a full-fledged, industry-government-academia-government collaboration organization that designs social problem solutions and possibilities through open innovation. It was born in April 2018, and thanks to that we finished the first term safely and entered the second term.
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SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA, which was held last year at the 2019 business plan presentation held on June 12, also included conferences and experience programs this year on the theme of “new values-The New Rules-” It was announced that it will be held on September 11th-22nd as a city tour event based on the commercial facilities and event space of around Shibuya Station-Harajuku Omotesando area. www.social-innovation.jp/ A time when all industries are required to accelerate evolution and change. The ideas, experiences, and services that attract the world provide consumers with new values, and it is also the time when new values ​​are used to design a society that no one has seen. What are the new values? SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA in 2019 challenges this question. LEARNING ? SHIBUYA AWARD (Shibuya Award) Conduct a presentation by social innovators etc. to challenge social change with new perspectives and ideas this year. We commend projects and people who lead society in a better way by the screening of the selection committee. ? DIVE DIVERSITY SESSION (dive diversity session) We invite various experts from home and abroad and develop a talk session to explore the various possibilities of the future. NETWORKING (networking) It offers the opportunity for people to interact freely and creates opportunities for open innovation. EXPERIENCE We will develop programs that stimulate the curiosity of everyone from children to adults in the open space of Shibuya-Omotesando area.
【Overview of implementation】
Name SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2019 Opening period September 11 (Wed)-22 (Sun) 2019 Producer Atsushi Kanayama (Chairman of the Shibuya Tourism Association) / Shinko Nagata (Deputy Director General, Shibuya Future Design Office) Sponsorship SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA Executive Committee Co-hosted Shibuya Ward Supporter: Shibuya-ku Tourism Association / Shibuya Future Design, etc. Main venue Shibuya Hikarie Cooperation venue Shibuya Stream / Shibuya Cast / Shibuya Cast Garden / Shibuya Ward Office Space 428 / Space o etc URL www.social-innovation.jp/ Contact SIW@fds.or.jp

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