[Japan Planning Research Institute, Inc.]
Business opportunities required for expanding the storage battery market and required performance
[JPI Seminar July 3 (Wednesday)]

Japan Planning Research Institute, Inc. Business Opportunity and Performance Required for Expanding the Storage Battery Market
【JPI Seminar July 3 (Wednesday)】
Introduction of renewable energy expansion, conversion to electric vehicles, etc. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Nippon Planning Research Institute will hold the following seminar by inviting Mr. Masao Yugi, General Manager, Strategic Research Office, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Corporation. After the seminar, business card exchange meetings will be held between the instructors and the participants, which will be useful for business.
[Details and application]
www.jpi.co.jp/seminar/14473 〔title〕 Introduction of renewable energy expansion, conversion to electric vehicles, etc. Business Opportunity and Required Performance Accompanying Expansion of the Storage Battery Market
[Lecture outline]
As in the UK and elsewhere, the establishment of thermal power plants is likely to be difficult in Japan. With the margin of thermal power generation diminishing, how to deal with power sources such as renewable energy etc. and also in the automobile industry, the wave of electric motorization is progressing. Under such circumstances, it would be desirable to be able to adjust the frequency of ancillary and so on, and the power adjustment in a small to medium scale. We will look at storage battery performance, market trends, and business opportunities etc. that the market requires for storage battery systems that can be one of the keys.
[Lecture item]
1. Future image based on other cases 2. Trends in each industry (1) Energy related (2) Electric car related 3. Required Performance and Market Trend of Storage System 4. Expected Battery Market Areas and Separation 5. Future business opportunities 6. Related questions and answers 7. Name exchange meeting A business card exchange meeting will be held between instructors and participants. ※ Some names may change, but there is no major change in the content itself.
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Ltd. Company Head of Strategic Research Office General Manager, Investment Part 1 (Technology Crossover) Prof. Mr. Mamoru Yugi, Project manager
[Date and time]
Wednesday, July 3, 2019 9:30-11:30
Minato-ku Minami Azabu / JPI Conference Square www.jpi.co.jp/access 〔 Entry fee 〕 ? Private participation fee 1 person: 32,990 yen (data fee, consumption tax included) For two or more persons 27,990 yen (in case of simultaneous application in the company or affiliated company) ? Administration: For government officials and local government workers, the first five free invitations (limited to application from the website) “Also check this ↓ ↓》”
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