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  • Sakiyoshi Yoshiyanagi “Don’t forget the children’s mind, to Peter Pan with a strong presence” Aoyama Mainland Fantasy Special Broadway musical “Peter Pan” production announcement interview report!

Sakiyoshi Yoshiyanagi “Don’t forget the children’s mind, to Peter Pan with a strong presence” Aoyama Mainland Fantasy Special Broadway musical “Peter Pan” production announcement interview report!

Horipro Corporation Sakiyoshi Yoshiyanagi “Don’t forget the children’s mind, to Peter Pan with a strong presence” Aoyama Mainland Fantasy Special Broadway musical “Peter Pan” production announcement interview report! ………………………………………………………………………………………… We report the state of production announcement of fantasy musical “Peter Pan” reaching the summer of the 39th year. (Interview / sentence / Omiya Gasto)
▼ The performance details ・ ticket is here horipro-stage.jp/event/peterpan20190516/ In addition to the press, the audience selected by lottery gathers, and in the lively atmosphere, production announcement starts from the singing performance of Yoshiyoshi Sakiyoshi who plays the role of Peter Pan. Yoshiyanagi sang beautifully the number “Aim Flying” representing this work, and a big applause rang from the venue. In a question and answer session after that, Yoshiyanagi, who was asked what was going on when he was flying on the stage, said, “The moment I can forget everything and become Peter Pan”. The feeling of exhilaration and excitement like flying in the sky has been transmitted from the figure of Yoshiyanagi singing “Aim Flying”.
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Provided by: Hori Pro Next, Yoshitaka Hori (Horipro President and Representative Director) made a presentation on behalf of the organizer. “Hori Pro works in many musicals, but all the start starts from this” Peter Pan “, said the thought for” Peter Pan “which is the origin for Hori Pro.
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Provided by: Hori Pro Shuntaro Fujita, who works as director, says that this work has been going on for 39 years. “Peter Pan’s original author James Matthew Bali has copyright for his work on Great Ormond Street Hospital, a children’s hospital in the United Kingdom. (The part of the ticket fee of this work is the power of the children in the fight because they donate, and invite the children with disabilities to GenePro (the final rehearsal just before the first day) The A-table children’s fare for the Kanagawa performances and Kaltz Kawasaki Hall is 2,000 yen, and it seems that there were efforts by various people to realize this ticket price. I think that the desire to want is a major reason that has continued for 39 years. ” Then, Fujita introduces each performer. About Yoshinaga Sakiyoshi who appears as the tenth generation Peter Pan from the performance of 2017, 13 years old “I think that many people support it in the first year and the second year, but this time it is the third year As a chairperson, I hope that I want to support and support the company. “I convey the thought of expectation, and put a taiko-michi to” Wearly earnestly studying hard! ”
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Provided by: Hori Pro As Satoshi Miyazawa, who plays the role of Tiger Lily, notes that this work is the return to the entertainment world for the first time in about a year, saying, “I applaud Miyazawa-san, who returned in this work, a big applause. To Mrs. Darling, Mr. Darling, I introduced Kane to “I once played the role of Wendy, and now plays Mrs. Darling, and it is a life letter of” Peter Pan “!” . To Maki Kubota, who plays the role of Liza, “The role of Liza is a key person of” Peter Pan “directed by me. It is like a storyteller who enters the world of books with customers.” Stressed.
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■ Sakiyoshi Yoshiyanagi (Peter Pan)
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Provided by: Hori Pro Yoshiyoshi Sakiyoshi said, “I did not know anything in the first year, but I was making a rush, but this year is the third year, and now I can look at details such as dance, singing, and flying. Above all, I feel that I’m feeling deeper about Peter Pan, I’m 15 years old this year and I feel like I’m an adult compared to when I first appeared, I will not forget, I will do my best to be able to become Peter Pan with a sense of presence. ”Said a smile that looked like an adult, with a charming smile.
■ EXILE NESMITH (Hook, Captain Darling)
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Provided by: Hori Pro EXILE NESMITH stated, “I am very happy that I have always wanted to try a full-fledged musical for the first time, and I would like to try it. I am very glad to have a great cast and a new challenge surrounded by the staff.” It was revealed that ISSA (DA PUMP), who played the role of Captain Hook, was inspired to say, “I’m looking forward to Captain Hook!”
■ Tomomi Kasai (Wendy)
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Provided by: Hori Pro Tomomi Kasai, who plays the role of Wendy following last year, said, “It’s a very rare opportunity for customers to see what they wanted to do on the same stage after graduation with Sae Miyazawa, who is the same period as AKB 48. I am happy! ”
■ Miyazawa Sae (Tiger Lily)
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Provided by: Hori Pro Sae Miyazawa, who plays the role of Tiger Lily after two years, “I heard that the beautiful voice of (Sayoshi Yoshiya) Sakiyoshi just played, and I thought it would play Peter Pan, which only Sakiyoshi can do now. I will do my best to play Tiger Lily in line with Peter Pan played by Sakiyoshi.
■ Kanae Irie (Mr. Darling)
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Provided by: Hori Pro Mr. Darling’s role in the third year’s entry is “The year 2017, Mr. Tsurumi, the year 2018 ISSA, and the year 2019 NEMSITH … …, thank you very much for being a happy husband (yearly) ( “Laughs” and “Learning Mr. Darling is a loving person with the core strength who believes in the return of the children and waits for it. I want to play with love as well.” .
■ Kuboda Maki (riser)
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Provided by: Hori Pro Maki Kubota, who also plays the role of Liza, who has also been in the third year, said, “I have found that it is necessary for adults to have fun while having the children play. So I would like to play with Peter Pan carefully borne by my seniors. ” In the subsequent question-and-answer session, Yoshiyanagi, who was asked what she was thinking about playing Peter Pan, said, “In the third year, I can feel the depths of the original and the script, so this year I wish I could express the meaning of every word. ”
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Provided by: Hori Pro
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Provided by: Hori Pro Also, when asked about his current state of mind, NESMITH “I see the members of the cast dressed in costume and feel that I’m really doing hooks,” smiles, “The musical is a challenge for me In a place I wanted to do, every day of singing and singing is very fresh. Finally, Yoshiyanagi on behalf of the cast “
[Peter Pan]
is a stage where you can see and enjoy various ways depending on the generation you see, so please come and experience the 2019 edition of” Peter Pan “in the theater. Cast members, I will do my best to make wonderful works with the staff members! ” Add a new cast and look forward to the musical ‘Peter Pan’ in the 39th year of love and adventure!
[Performance summary]
Aoyama Mainland Fantasy Special Broadway Musical “Peter Pan”
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Period: Sunday, July 21, 2019-Sunday, 28th Venue: Large-scale Hall of the Saitama National Arts Theater Period: August 2-2019 (Fri)-5 (Mon) Venue: Kaltz Kawasaki (Kawasaki City Sports and Culture Center) Hall Period: Tuesday, August 13, 2019-Thursday, 15 Venue: Ozonoza Period: August 18, 2019 (Sunday) Venue: Umeda Art Theater Main Hall Period: August 24, 2019 (Saturday) / 25 (Sunday) Venue: Oberdo Hall
Sakiyoshi Yoshiyanagi: Peter Pan EXILE NESMITH: Captain Hook / Mr Darling Tomomi Kasai: Wendy Miyazawa Sae: Tiger Lily Irie Kanako: Mrs. Darling Maki Kubota: Liza Other Tickets are on sale now!
▼ The performance details ・ ticket is here horipro-stage.jp/stage/peterpan/

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