[Shufu JOB part]

[Student’s employment motivation survey May 2019]
Application index for housewife job application index 119 (+16 YoY)

Bee style
[Housewife’s employment motivation survey May 2019]
Application index for housewife job application index 119 (+16 YoY) Bee Style “Shufu Job Part” Survey ………………………………………………………………………………………… “Shufu JOB Part” specializing in housewives (Business operator: B-style Inc. / Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Kunihiko Mihara) The application index for
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The application index is 119, +8 YoY and +16 YoY. Job vacancies decreased and applications increased compared to the previous month. It has been rising sharply since last month, and it can be said that the movement of housewives is still active and the chances of hiring a housewife are increasing.
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What is a job part?
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If you are looking for a part job shufu job part! Housewife welcome job information full load to part-time part-time job who can work in support within a short time, 2 days a week-4 days a week, full-time business outsourcing, dispatching! This is a part job site for housewives and their husbands who can find out on conditions that make them happy. Https part.shufu-job.jp
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What is Bee Style?
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The corporate philosophy is to create value in line with the time of the best basic style. The Super Food Moringa, based on the human resource services business such as “Shufu JOB”, which has created more than 100,000 jobs for housewives since its establishment, and “Smart Carrier”, which realizes how to work as a short-time × high career, It is a social company that is working on improving happiness in Japan while expanding business areas such as produce and home stay cleaning services.

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