Carbell 2019 campaign started!

Carbell Corporation Carbell 2019 campaign started! That super impact type CM is made a series and 3027 broadcasts at once! A luxurious present campaign is also launched simultaneously! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Carbell Co., Ltd. (Head office: 11-6, Nihonbashi Hisamatsucho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Nihombashi TS Bull 9F; Representative director: Kazumasa Ito, hereinafter referred to as Carbell) Following last year, we decided to start broadcasting 3,027 super-impact commercials in collaboration with western police from 6/17 at the same time as conducting a campaign for two “100 yen rental cars” in the “new car market”. The first CM broadcasted last year was widely recognized and noted as a super impact CM. CM (15 seconds) of this term that becomes the second year of deployment broadcasts a new version. In addition, Maboroshi’s 60-second CM, which was not aired last year on TVCM, will also be aired nearly 100 nationwide. In the trend of 60 seconds CM is popular, Carbell’s 60 seconds CM also became a topic with the 15 seconds CM that became a series I look forward to raising awareness. Also, from the same day, titled “Happy Tornado Campaign 1 ・ 2 ・ 3”, 3 campaigns have also started. This year, Volkswagen’s Beetle, which will stop production and sales in Japan, will be carbelled with a carbell specification, and will be leased free of charge to three people for five days by lottery. “The item by lottery Tornado 2 to present for 47 people and Tornado 3 to present a ¥ 100 coin of the deity to “100 yen rental car” for ¥ 100,000 (1st class: ¥ 100,000 for one person × 2 persons, etc. Yen × 40 people 3rd class: rental car 100 yen coupon × all applicants). The first-class winners will receive a commercial appearance cast in the production just like the Western Police’s personalities and ransom delivery scene, and plans and productions that they want to be enjoyed by a wide generation. The application period for all campaigns is from June 17 (Mon) to July 31 (Wed). Application method is from application form in store of “new car market” of the whole country “car rental 100 yen” or exclusive form in HP of carbell.
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