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Japan’s largest cryptographic asset media “COIN OTAKU” holds a meetup in Okinawa

Coinotaku OU? Japan’s largest cryptographic asset media “COIN OTAKU” holds a meetup in Okinawa We will meet up in Naha city on June 29th. By all means, Okinawa Islanders should participate in adjusting the schedule. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Kenji Ito, an instructor of coin otaku online salons, is familiar with the fanda industry Technical Sniper is a trade industry professional. Such two people will be holding a meetup in Okinawa this time.
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Thank you very much, “The seminar is interesting!” “I did not think that I could hear such a story,” the COIN OTAKU Kenji Ito’s seminar is very popular. Under such circumstances, we are planning to change the atmosphere and deliver this time, and we will hold a coin nerd meeting up in Okinawa! Also, please visit that famous influencer technical sniper (@forgoodtrade).
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This meetup is “Okinawa” and there is also a distance. The event will only be held this time, so it would be appreciated if you could join the islanders.
● Do you have such troubles? When we conduct a seminar, we often hear the following voice. In terms of investment, I am a beginner and I have no time to work as a beginner. If there is an investment companion … I would like to introduce you the style of investment that suits you. For example Cryptographic assets (virtual currency) ・ FX ·Real Estate Investment How to earn and proceed according to each person Some people can solve your troubles through other investments
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I am trying to teach a coin nerd online salon, Kenji Ito is familiar with the fanda industry Technical Sniper is a trade industry professional. If you can talk directly once, you will be satisfied with the answers you have inferred from your current situation, character, portfolio of investments, etc.

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coin-otaku.com/topic/41831 What is Kenji Ito? I am the chief editor and CEO of COIN OTAKU (Coin Geek), one of Japan’s largest cryptographic asset media. Ito-sensei is a BS TV program “BS11 Truth Commentary! Appearing in the virtual currency NEWS !, and being a single investor, he has a reputation as a critic of cryptographic assets.
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The following is a brief summary of your career. Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration (Halfcare policy & management intensive course completion) General Incorporated Association Fintech Association member Japanese company temporary crypto coin business adviser Cryptographic Currency Exchange Advisor Cryptographic Currency Investment Analyst TV TOKYO WBS, NHK good morning Japan appearance TV Tokyo Morning Satellite appearance Various magazine radio coverage appearance Operate coin otaku online salon In a nutshell, it would be nice if you could be quite familiar with the cryptographic asset industry.
● What is a technical sniper It is an individual investor who is adept at technical short-term trading as a first step in asset formation. Chart analysis and financial and economic issues are being disseminated, and it currently has over 9,500 followers on Twitter (@forgoodtrade). Also, the content of the transmission is quite accurate, and it is extremely popular among users.
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This is a great opportunity for you to be on the stage with Mr. Ito, but it is because Technical Sniper himself thinks how much he / she will output. I thought that my knowledge would become more solid by taking out what I thought out and then reviewing it, so I welcomed you for this talk.

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● We will receive a “July BTC Trend Analysis Report” for those who participated. Report on trend analysis of BTC prices in July, written by Kenji Ito We will send it to all who participated. We will send you an e-mail later if you can confirm your participation.
● Finally It takes no time at all, it is so repeatable, and there is only investment to increase income. If you work early, anyone can build big assets, and if you invest, you can live a rich life. ※ Students, office workers, housewives … no matter what attributes or careers. Even investment beginners, Also for those who have already experienced investment Please look forward to the amazing stories you can make. I hope you will realize this value. If you already have work or plans on the day, you have the confidence that you can say that it was good to join even if you canceled. Also, there are no plans for holding in Okinawa for at least one year. Please do not miss this meetup by all means. I think this will be an opportunity to change your life. So, we coin geeks will also take consultation seriously with all our might! If you really want to change the status quo, have the courage to take a step forward.

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