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We hold an event “ELLE WOMEN in SOCIETY (El Woman in Society) 2019” to support the largest working women in the country as fashion media!

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With the theme of "-New Era, New World-Living Women in the New Era" this year, which will be the sixth year, explores individualized ways of working style reform and ale the women who are making the "beginning" era Expand 28 programs to give. Women leaders who are active in the front lines of various fields, such as hints for a sustainable society to be aimed at from now on as an international goal, conflict of artists with unique sensibility, and their world view, etc. Hold a special seminar. In addition, a variety of beauty, wellness, and career workshops were held in the glamorous space commemorating the 30th anniversary of “ELLE Japon”, and over 2,700 working women participated on the day. At the opening, Kanako Sakai, editor-in-chief of El Content Department, appears. "This seminar, which will be in the sixth year of this year, has sent a message to many people under the slogan of" releasing women ". I think that it will deliver inspiration from a slightly different perspective as a seminar hosted by fashion media. Also, El Japon has celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, as there are a lot of exhibitions in the hall where you can feel El's DNA, so please fully enjoy it. " Continuing on, photographer Yoshida Nagi, who continues to impress the world, jumps over the walls of national, ethnic and language, and demonstrates the ultimate communication technique that produces works with subjects. "When shooting the world's most fashionable ethnic group, Suri, more than 200 models gathered and I had to choose the subject from there. I tend to move in the corner while many children have strong self-appeal I chose the subject as a subject who would like to keep posing. At the time of photography of Afar tribes who live in the Ethiopian neighborhood, I went to search for a rare Afro-Hair male until a great place, and I did photography by spending time together. The woman in the hall was listening to Mr. Yoshida's unique negotiation technique. Christel Takikawa, who has shown remarkable activity as an animal protection creature conservation activist, talks with the chairman of "Japan Environmental Design" Iwamoto Motohiko, who has developed innovative recycling technology. Mr. Takigawa described the severe recycling reality of “1 million tons of clothes of 28 billion clothes are discarded and 2.5 billion PET bottles are not recycled and thrown away in Japan”, but a picture created by Mr. Iwamoto We called on the meeting place to "Everyone, please start from a familiar place." In addition to introducing Takikawa's "Project Red (Project Red)" activity, "Protecting the Environment by Protecting Animals", "Environmental Issues and Conservation of Ecosystems are Connected. The communication from the individual is a big power, and once you act once you will be connected to the next time. You will understand how important it is to do the work for the earth! When I commented on a bullish society, the woman from the venue was wrapped in a hot applause. In “For women who do not give up on the challenge for the future!”, Which is directed by film director Momoko Ando and hair stylist Miho Matsuura, “I was conscious of Japan from the outside when living in London. Gender and I realized that there is something I can not choose in a living environment, such as nationality, but I wanted to make it a life that says, "I chose my own life." Above all, with creative work, it is the standard that people become rich and everyone is happy. I want to convey with love what I thought was good. Encouraging the people, as the last word, "I hear the New Era, Oriwa or Oriwa, Showa is the age of goods, the era of Heisei is the time to abandon, Oriwa will be the age of the" heart "! Applause from the audience has occurred. Also, when Ai Naganaga, who had a unique career as a supermodel, appeared, the venue was surrounded by cheers. In a conversation with stylist Michiko Kitamura "This year's Giorgio Armani's collection in Tokyo, I challenged from casting. I returned to my initial intentions, and I thought to inspire myself again." Please tell me, "It's difficult to balance work and mother. I tell myself that it is important to try and error because it is difficult, I know for the first time that a child is born for others to live for others, for people I knew the goodness of living. " In addition, Mr. Kitamura also said, “I have to strengthen my trunk because the big chance will come suddenly” I said, “I met a word when I was 17 years old. "I cherish all the time." And regardless of age. I want to be the best at that age. " Impressing you with a sense of presence. In addition, actress Rina Uchiyama who gathers longing with a flexible body practices yoga that feels the mind and body at the venue where the crystal bowl is played. As a star chef, "ete" owner chef "Nagoko Shoji" presents his own presentation technique, and a talk session by Akira Nakatsuka and Calligrapher Akamu CEO / Creative director Hanako Maeda, Veronica Prat Van Tiel A full-fledged program was held throughout the day to support working women, including “Cartier” and Christine Edman (Givency) in a talk “To the day women can be active in the world”. After that, we hold an after-party where the participants and the speakers interact. The event closed with a great deal of lively exchange of ideas and networking among readers.
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■ Official name: “ELLE WOMEN in SOCIETY (El Woman in Society) 2019”
■ Organizer: Hurst Women’s Magazine “ELLE” Group (“ELLE Japon” / “ELLE DECOR” / “ELLE gourmet” / “ELLE mariage” / “ELLE ONLINE” / “ELLE Girl” / “ELLE SHOP”)
■ Date and time: Saturday, June 15, 2019 10:00 to 19:40
■ Content: 10: 25-19: 00 Seminar & Workshop 19: 10-19: 40 After party
■ Venue: Shibuya Hikarie 9th Floor Hikarie Hall A, B (9-2-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
■ Participants: Working women in their 20s and 40s (pre-registration only) / 2,700 or more / Free invitation
■ Special site: womeninsociety.elle.co.jp/event #ellewisjp
■ Contact: vis_wis2019@eventsupporter.jp The fashion media “ELLE” has been sponsored since 2014 (sponsored by the “ELLE” group since 2017). This event is for the largest working women in the country as a fashion media organizer, inviting women who are active in the forefront from inside and outside Japan as speakers, and thinking about “working with women” through seminars and workshops. We suggest way of life and way of working to be a guidepost for working women to shine more like themselves in the scene of work. About 2,500 working women attended last year and showed excitement. The theme for 2019 is “-New Era, New World-Living Women in a New Era”. This year again, we will invite guests to be top leaders from companies, and leaders in a wide range of fields such as culture, fashion and food, and will give ale to working women.

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