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  • [Ballet at the cinema] Royal Ballet “Within the Golden Hour” “Medusa” “Flight Pattern” Triple Building that captures the cutting edge of contemporary ballet June 28 (Fri) published!

[Ballet at the cinema] Royal Ballet “Within the Golden Hour” “Medusa” “Flight Pattern” Triple Building that captures the cutting edge of contemporary ballet June 28 (Fri) published!

Toho Towa Co., Ltd. [Ballet at the cinema] Royal Ballet “Within the Golden Hour” “Medusa” “Flight Pattern” Triple Building that captures the cutting edge of contemporary ballet June 28 (Fri) published! In the screen, a rose. A heartfelt applause to the curtain call. For a fantastic ballet invited to a dream. For a passionate opera that is captivated. …………………………………………………………………………………………
The stage image of the popular performances of the Royal Opera House, the world’s premier prestige opera for both ballet and opera, entitled “The Royal Opera House Cinema Season 2018/19”, distributed by Toho Towa Co., Ltd. We are screening one after another this year at cinemas around the country. The national work of Royal Ballet “Within the Golden Hour” / “Medusa” / “Flight Pattern” will begin on June 28 (Fri) this season. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/16700/32/resize/d16700-32-202030-0.jpg] The latest work of the British Royal Opera House Cinema Season 2018/19 season is the most sought after by three contemporary choreographers in the world, the triple building “Within the Golden Hour” “Medusa” “Flight” ·pattern”. “Within the Golden Hour” is a 2008 work by Christopher Wealdon, a contemporary masterpiece who has made a big hit with “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Winter Story,” and “American in Paris.” Created to commemorate the 75th anniversary of San Francisco Ballet, you can enjoy the beauty of pure dance. The costumes are by Jasper Conran, and the music by the strings is Italian composer Ezio Bosso and Vivaldi. Seven pairs of dancers dance brilliantly, focusing on the three pado doo by Yuichi Hirano, Lauren Kathbertson, Sarah Lam, Wadim Muntagirov and others, and the skill of how to use Wealdon’s ensemble shines. Sidi Ralbi Sherkawi, who is the first in the new work Medusa to create works and call attention to the Royal Ballet, also produces “TeZukA” and “Pruet” in Japan and is known as a major Japanese manga fanatic It is done. In collaboration with flamenco Maria Pajes, Akram Khan, and shaolin monks, he is a talented person with a diverse background, and currently works as a artistic director of the Royal Flanders Ballet while simultaneously advancing projects around the world ing. This work based on the Greek mythology Medusa’s story, appoints Natalia Osipova who is also a talent for contemporary works as the role of Medusa, and the character that surrounds her, such as Perseus played by Matthew Ball and Poseidon by Koichi Hirano, It is drawn vividly in a unique rolling style. “Flight pattern” is a 2017 premiere by Canadian female choreographer Crystal Pit. It is scheduled for June of NDT (Netherland Dance Theater) who is one of the most notable choreographers now such as “Seasons canon” choreographed to the Paris Opera House and won the Benoit Award, and is an associate choreographer. The work will be staged even in the coming performance in Japan. “Flight pattern” is a powerful and appealing work depicting the appearance of refugees who have struggled to escape war, and received high marks such as winning the Lawrence Olivier Award. By skillfully using the group dance often found in Pate works, 36 dancers leave an unforgettable impression. All three works with completely different personalities are exciting, triple buildings where you can enjoy high quality dance at the cutting edge by the top stars of the Royal Ballet. We want you to experience the forefront of dance on a big screen.
■ “Within the Golden Hour” [Choreography] Christopher Wealdon 【Music】 Ezio Bosso, Antonio Vivaldi [Costume] Jasper Conran [Command] Jonathan Lowe [Casts] Beatrice ・ Styx = Brunel / Francesca · Hayward / Sarah Ram / Wadim ・ Muntagirofu / Valentino ・ Zuketti / Alexander ・ Campbell / Hana ・ Grennell / Yuko Kaneko / Mayara ・ Maguri / Ana ・ Rose ・ O’Sullivan / Akri Shika / David ・ Donnelly / Theo ・ Dobrail / Calvin ・ Richardson
■ “Medusa” [Choreography] Sidi ・ Larvi ・ Sherkawi 【Music】 Henry Purcell 【Electronic music】 Olga Vojechovska [Costume] Olivia Pump [Command] Andrew Griffith [Casts] Medusa: Natalia Osipova / Athena: Olivia Cowley / Perseus: Matthew Ball / Poseidon: Hirano Koichi (Soprano) Eirich Tynan / (Countertenor) Tim Meade / (Viola Da Gamba) Ichise Reiko / (Theolbo) Toby Carr
■ “Flight pattern” [Choreography] Crystal ・ pito 【Music】 Henrik ・ Mikowai ・ Gretsch [Command] Jonathan Lowe [Cast] Kristen McNally / Marcelino Sanbe / Calvin Richardson / Joseph Sysenz / Isabella Gasparini / Benjamin Ella / Ashley Dean (Soprano) Francesca Chiezina
TOHO Cinemas Hibiya et al. Nationwide from June 28 (Fri)!
■ Official site: tohotowa.co.jp/roh/
■ Distribution: Toho Towa [Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=brPFogluVug]

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