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  • [Saturday, June 15 “Saturday, June 15” Hakubaku Special Match “” Donation of one year’s “bare tea” to Vanforet Kofu, Tokyo Verdi Supporting the spread of a professional football team rooted in the community

[Saturday, June 15 “Saturday, June 15” Hakubaku Special Match “” Donation of one year’s “bare tea” to Vanforet Kofu, Tokyo Verdi Supporting the spread of a professional football team rooted in the community

Co., Ltd. “Saturday, June 15” Hakubaku Special Match “” Donation of one year’s “bare tea” to Vanforet Kofu, Tokyo Verdi Supporting the spread of a professional soccer team rooted in the community Making Barley Tea of ​​The Kokumotsu Company a Professional Athlete ………………………………………………………………………………………… A leading company in grain, Hakubaku (Head office: Chuo-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture, President: Shigetoshi Nagasawa) is the official sponsor of the Japan Professional Football League (J League) ‘Vanforet Kofu’, which is home to all municipalities in Yamanashi Prefecture. And donate one year’s worth of “Brown tea” to “Van Foret Kofu” and its opponent “Tokyo Verdi”. We will announce that a donation ceremony was held prior to the start of the match at the Yamanashi Nakagin Stadium on Saturday, June 15, 2019. “The Kokumotsu Company is a barley barley tea” that uses domestically produced barley for over 70 years, adhering to barley. We support athletes with barley tea that we can drink with confidence because it is non-caffeine as hydration / mineral supplementation, and we will continue to support community-based support with supporters so that the community is more rooted in football. .
■ Summary of presentation ceremony Date and time: 18:00 on June 15, 2019 Location: Yamanashi Nakagin Stadium (〒400-0836 Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture Ozecho 840) Donor: Keita Naganuma Senior Executive Director Recipient: (1) Van Foret Kofu Captain Koide Ryota (DF 22) (2) Tokyo Verdy Lee Ei Nao (DF 17) Gift: delicious barley tea for 1 year
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Delicious barley tea with water out Domestic use of six-row barley 100% use. The "golden oat tea" is a sparkling "golden barley tea" where you can taste the sweetness and richness inherent in barley, as it is "shallow roasting". We use 20g of coarse barley for luxury. Contents: 360g (20g × 18 bags) Recommended retail price: 285 yen (excluding tax) Sales area: Supermarkets nationwide, drug stores, etc. / official online shop (shop.hakubaku.co.jp/)
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Hakubure is an official sponsor of the J League Van Foret Kofu
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As an official sponsor of the J-League “Vanforet Kofu”, which has home to all municipalities in Yamanashi Prefecture since 2001, Hakubaku has been closely supporting the community with supporters. As a result, it contributes to local sports surveys and regional revitalization.
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In addition, we support and support the efforts of the NPO “Space Fu”, which has introduced the Reuse Cup to the home game of Van Foret Kofu. Reusable dishes are dishes that can be washed and used many times instead of being disposable for the purpose of promoting global warming prevention. It is an earth-friendly activity that reduces the environmental load without putting out garbage at events.
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As The Kokumotsu Company Our company name “Hakubaku” means white barley. The grandfather who is the founding president “I would like to have more wheat rice to eat.” Since then, we have walked along with cereals, and now we have milled other cereals, Japanese noodles, barley tea, flour and rice as businesses. To bring more important “grains”, which have supported humanity since ancient times, to the contemporary dining table and have them enjoy and eat more. That is to increase the smile of the family. I also think that it is about my family becoming healthy. In order to realize this, we will work together as one with our earnest aim to create the inspiring value of grain. (Shigure Nagasawa President and Representative Director Shigetoshi Nagasawa) Company name: Hakubaku Co., Ltd. Location: 花 輪 409-3 843, central city, west garland 4629 Representative: President and CEO Shigetoshi Nagasawa Established: April 15, 1974 Capital: 98,000,000 yen Business description: Food production and sales URL: www.hakubaku.co.jp/
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Mochi barley rice (50g x 12 bags), 450 yen (excluding tax)
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Mochi barley udon (270 g), 270 yen (excluding tax)
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Living red blend (30 g × 6 bags) with millet, 400 yen (tax not included)
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Silk dinner table noodles (400 g), 250 yen (excluding tax)

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