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  • 【Chubu International Airport Co., Ltd.】 Shanghai Kichijo Air has a new service on Centrair = Nanjing route

【Chubu International Airport Co., Ltd.】
Shanghai Kichijo Air has a new service on Centrair = Nanjing route

Chubu International Airport Co., Ltd. Shanghai Kichijo Air makes a new service on Centrair = Nanjing route Shanghai Yoshiyoshi Air started to operate a direct flight from Centrair to Nanjing on June 15. The direct flight from Centrair to Nanjing has been around 8 years since December 2010. …………………………………………………………………………………………
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Shanghai Kichijo Airlines Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Kichijo Airlines Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “Kichijo Air”) starts direct flights of Chubu International Airport Centrair (hereinafter “Centrea”) = Nanjing Line from June 15, 2019 Did.
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Kichijo Air started operations in September 2006 with a full-service private-funded carrier based in Shanghai, China. In September 2015, Centrair operated on Centrair = Shanghai flights (which initially operated to Fuzhou). With the launch of the Nanjing Battle, the company’s Centrair service routes will be three lines: Shanghai, Xiamen (through Shanghai) and Nanjing. The aircraft used for operation will be Airbus A320 aircraft (business class: 8 seats, economy class: 150 seats).
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Before departure for the first flight of the Nanjing Line on June 15, a commemorative ceremony was held by the officials in front of the boarding gate, and bouquets were given to the flight crew and flight attendants in charge of the operation of the first flight, respectively. , The souvenir was distributed to the passengers.
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Original baggage tag delivered to first flight passengers Nanjing, to be serviced this time, is the provincial capital of Jiangsu Province, China, and is a political and cultural center. Jiangsu Province and Aichi Prefecture have signed a friendship agreement in 1975. In addition, Nanjing City and Nagoya City have partnered with each other in 1984, and have reached the 40th anniversary last year. In this way, Nanjing and Chubu area have long-established cooperative relationships, and exchanges in a wide range of fields such as industry, culture, education, economy, etc. are active.
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With the launch of Yoshio Air, direct air service between Centrair and Nanjing will be for the first time in about eight years since December 2010. Yoshio Air Nanjing Line Operation Schedule
■ Operation route Centrair = Nanjing
■ Operating aircraft A320 aircraft (8 seats for business class, 150 seats for economy class)
■ Flight schedule HO1601 Nanjing 10:55 → Centrair 14:40 daily operations HO1602 Centrair 15:40 → Nanjing 17:30 Daily operations ※ The above information may be changed without prior notice. ※ All the time of mention is local time.
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Kisho Airlines’s Centrair route will be three lines of Shanghai, Xiamen and Nanjing

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