The fourth installment decision from anime “K” clans jewelry is decided!

WINRY The fourth installment decision from anime “K” clans jewelry is decided! The pendant that appeared in “K SEVEN STORIES” appears as an easy-to-wear jewelry! ………………………………………………………………………………………… The fourth edition has been released from the anime “K” Clans Jewelry produced by Shoya Taniguchi. We will accept orders on the official site during the period from July 3, 2019-July 17, 2019.
■ Official Site
[Image 1:]
With clans jewelry Jewelry collection
[currently creative director]
Shoya Taniguchi. Who was 23 years old at the time began producing as official jewelry of animation “K”. It is characterized by the fact that the royal owners appearing in the work
and the beautiful world view of the work are embellished with easy-to-wear jewelry. We commemorate the release of the fourth edition this time and introduce it along with the existing jewelry. The first installment

[Image 2:]
A ring of milk crown that looks like water droplets are spreading from the jewel that fell in the ring. It is an item that was delighted to the director of the work as an elegant jewelry that imaged the world view. The second series

[Image 3:]
Simple and cute “milk” and a sense of luxury “gothic” Pendant was released in two different tastes. An option that can imprint the character name has become a popular jewelry.
The third installment

[Image 4:]
The motif used for the pendant has been reborn as a piercing, making it a jewel that can be worn with the set. The fourth
[2019 latest work]

[Image 5:]
The fourth to be released on July 3, 2019 next month. A pendant that appeared in the opening video of the theater version “K SEVEN STORIES” released last year. It appears as an easy-to-wear jewelry by the hands of designers and top-class craftsmen. As well as setting the stone in the crown to express each clan, we have a three-dimensional design that was built to the back. The memories of “K SEVEN STORIES” are full This is a pendant that can be said to be “K”.

【Kran’s Jewelry-K-】

■ First order acceptance period July 3, 2019-July 17, 2019
■ Sales price ・ ACCESSORY: 4,300 yen
[Material: Pewter]
・ JERE RELRY: 19,800 yen …
[Material: Silver 925, SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA, K18 Gold Coating]
・ PREMIUM: 168,000 yen …
[Material: K18 or PT900, Diamond]
※ 5 pieces each
[total 10 pieces]
limited sale «The King of Silver» Model

[Image 6:]

«Golden King» Model

[Image 7:]

«The King of Red» Model

[Image 8:]

«The King of Blue» Model

[Image 9:]

«Green King» Model

[Image 10:]

«The King of Gray» Model

[Image 11:]

«The Colorless King» Model

[Image 12:]

Limited benefits too!
[Image 13:]
The special offer like purchase is a standby image and a postcard by the new draw down! Fushimi Saruhiko and Misaki Hatta are drawn from K SEVEN STORIES Episode 4 “Lost Small World-Beyond the Rose-” Movie version.
■ Staff list drawn down Original picture: Shingo Suzuki, Natsumi Sekiya Finish, special effects: Mr. Ryo Ishikawa
【Handling shop】

■ K SEVEN STORIES-Shoya Taniguchi. Official Site Shoya Taniguchi. Representative of WINRY. Creative director. In 2013, he debuted as a designer and presented his collection etc. The following year, she produced the jewelry section of the game work at the age of 22. Always with the desire to know good things, in 2015 he worked on jewelry such as the popular anime “Tokyo Tsubaki” and achieved collaboration with artists active in the world. The momentum continues after that, and the achievements produced produced top 10 works. Producing jewelry for the popular anime “Attack on Titan” in 2018, he is one of the most active creative directors now.
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