【Link & Communication Co., Ltd.】
Introduction is decided to introduce “Karada Kaoru Navi” health advice application of link and communication, citizen PHR system “MY CONDITION KOBE” in Kobe City

【Link & Communication Co., Ltd.】
Introduction is decided to introduce “Karada Kaoru Navi” health advice application of link and communication, citizen PHR system “MY CONDITION KOBE” in Kobe City
Link and communication Co., Ltd. Introduction is decided to introduce “Linkage and communication health advice application” BODY KAWAKU Navi “, Kobe city’s citizen PHR system” MY CONDITION KOBE ” ………………………………………………………………………………… The health advice application “BODY KAWARU Navi” provided by Link and Communication Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward, President and CEO: Toshinari Watanabe, hereinafter “Link and Communication”) has been introduced from April 2019 to Kobe City and National We will inform you that it will be adopted as a “health application” of the citizen personal health record (PHR) system “MY CONDITION KOBE” by RIKEN RIKEN HEALTH LIVING COMPLEX RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH COMPLEX Promotion Program and will be provided to Kobe citizens. “Body change Navi” is a health advice application that supports everyday life such as diet, exercise, sleep, etc. by AI managed nutritionist. AI-managed dietician will automatically provide concrete and practical health advice from the viewpoint of diet and exercise for the purpose of diet, countermeasures of metabolism, malnutrition control, LOCOMO · dementia prevention. Started service in 2017, introduced mainly in companies, etc. Currently supporting more than 3,500 “health management”. In case ※ “Health management (R)” is a registered trademark of NPO Health Management Study Group.
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By using “Body changeover Navi”, Kobe citizens can manage and view their own steps, life logs of meals, etc., and various health examination results held by Kobe City. Also, you can receive advice on meals and health inside “Body change Navi” based on integrated data of individuals.
■ What can “MY CONDITION KOBE version Body change brand Navi” (1) I understand my health condition! (2) You can combine health information into one application! (3) You can be advised according to the summarized health condition! (4) You can be healthy while enjoying with points and benefits! ※ Points will be collected by entering information such as meals and exercise, achievement of health goals such as number of steps, medical examination etc. Link and communication is actively committed to Kobe City’s efforts to strive for a city where everyone can become healthy, extending healthy life expectancy and reducing health inequalities due to socioeconomic factors, as a “health creation city KOBE” I will continue to support you.
■ About Health Advice App “Body Body Navi” “Body change Navi” features the following five points. 1. AI-managed nutritionist automatically advice to the life log of meals, exercise, sleep etc. · For meals, just take a picture, advise by estimating menus, foodstuffs, meal volume. 2. Personalized health promotion points · Behavior · Participation · Health points to be achieved and accumulated, login stamps etc. are substantial. 3. A ranking function competing with individual teams is installed · We support health measures such as walking planning. 4. Enhanced Check & Advice on Health Checkup · We can automatically check medical examination data and check the diagnosis result, we also provide health advice to encourage change of behavior, such as reflecting it on advice to life log. 5. Enhanced management functions for persons in charge of health management · There are substantial analysis screens that can analyze message functions to users, lifestyle habits and usage trends.
【Outline of Link and Communication Co., Ltd.】

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Link and communication is a health tech venture aimed at “a world where experts are closer to each other and supporting health” with IT × expert network. Based on the network of approximately 10,000 administrative dietician and nutritionist nationwide, as a leading company in the food and health, nutrition field, we are working on food advocacy business and health information dissemination business. Location: 4th floor, Kagurazaka K Building 2, Kagurazaka 3-chome Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0825 Tokyo Founded: July 25, 2002 Capital: 492 million yen Representative: Toshinari Watanabe · Health advice application for business “Body change Navi” · Health advice application for sports club “Body turnaround Navi for sports club” · Health advice application for general “Calorie Mama” · Review site that experts describe health medical news “HEALTH NUDGE” healthnudge.jp/ · A comprehensive information site on carbohydrates “sugar .jp” toushitsu.jp/ · Apps that can easily measure carbohydrates “Glucose counter” · Portal site for managed dietician · dietician “Kawaru Pro” kawaru.biz/

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