Rakuten Securities launches new program at Radio NIKKEI!

Rakuten Securities Rakuten Securities launches new program at Radio NIKKEI! -We will deliver the latest market information from 16:00 every Wednesday- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Rakuten Securities Co., Ltd. (President: Yuji Tsuji, Head Office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “Rakuten Securities”) is a new radio program provided by Rakuten Securities from Wednesday, July 3, 2019 (Rakuten Securities PRESENTS) ★ We will notify you that the market review will be started on radio NIKKEI. Radio NIKKEI’s popular personalities and Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute analysts and Rakuten Securities’ domestic and foreign stock managers will provide the latest market information for 30 minutes every Wednesday from 16:00.
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At Rakuten Securities, how to make a money plan and investment information in life in the owned media “Tousil (media.rakuten-sec.net/)” based on the concept of “Making money and investment closer to you!” In addition to the transmission of original reports by analysts belonging to Rakuten Securities and the enhancement of the commentary content of market forecasts, we provide information useful for investment activities and asset formation of individuals in various forms. doing. In the new radio program “Rakuten Securities PRESENTS ★ Market Review”, which will be launched each week, domestic stocks and foreign stocks, including Nobuo Imanaka, chief analyst of Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute, and Masayuki Toshinada, senior market analyst, The staff in charge is weekly, and in addition to hot topics and latest news, we will tell you how to use Rakuten Securities services. We believe that the transmission of information through radio will be added to support a wider trading environment for individual investors than ever before. In addition, “Rakuten stock PRESENTS ★ market review” can be listened and viewed not only on radio but also on personal computers and smartphones. In addition to Radio NIKKEI No. 1, we plan to distribute on YouTube, “Podcast” and “Radico” applications. Rakuten Securities will continue to provide various information to support a wide range of customers’ investment activities and asset management. New radio program “Rakuten stock PRESENTS ahead ★ market review” program summary
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Main cast docast
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Jun Ishihara Joined a securities company in 1986, and then engaged in trading of financial futures, bonds, stocks, commodity markets and all kinds of financial products, and has been active in the financial market said to be the world with the eye of living horses, for a quarter century. Deal Holic from the root with “active duty”. Attention is rising at the depth of the pocket to openly open the actual trading method freely.

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Nobuo Nobuo (Nakayasu Ikuno) Chief Analyst, Rakuten Securities Research Institute Became an analyst at Okasan Securities in 1984. After working as a foreign-owned securities company etc. Incumbent from 2005. 30 years of analyst experience. Based on his experience in analyzing many sectors and companies, he currently covers a wide range of technologies and services, including games and entertainment, electronic components, semiconductors and automobiles. 1998-2001, ranked first in the Nikkei Analyst Ranking Software Division. Won first place in the Internet division in 2000.
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Masayuki Doshinda Senior Market Analyst, Rakuten Securities Research Institute Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University International Political Economy Department. Engaged in planning and product development at a domestic securities company and became a market analyst. Incumbent since 2011. She has studied in China and is familiar with the latest developments in Asia and emerging countries. International Technical Analyst Federation As an accredited technical analyst (CFTe (R)), we analyze trends in the domestic stock market as well as trends in the global stock market from both technical and fundamentals.
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【About Fees and Risks】
When investing in Rakuten Securities’s products, each product may be subject to the prescribed fees and expenses. In addition, each product, etc. may suffer losses due to price fluctuations. For fees and risks related to investment in each product etc., carefully read the contents described on the “Fees and risks for investment and risks” page of Rakuten Securities website and the delivery documents etc. Please fully understand the contents. Company name: Rakuten Securities Co., Ltd. Financial instruments traders: Kanto Treasury Director (Kinsho) No. 195, commodity futures traders Participating Associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Japan Financial Futures Trading Association, Japan Commodity Futures Trading Association Japan Association of Financial Instruments Business Type II, Japan Investment Management Association Association

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