Single Malt · Scotch Whiskey “Brook Lady Ira · Buray 2011” Limited Release Information

Single Malt · Scotch Whiskey “Brook Lady Ira · Buray 2011” Limited Release Information
Remy Cointreau Japan Co., Ltd. Single Malt · Scotch Whiskey “Brook Lady Ira · Burley 2011” Limited launch guide The latest edition of a limited series embodying the terroir of Islay’s holy place of whiskey ………………………………………………………………………………… Remy Cointreau Japan Co., Ltd. (Remy Cointreau Japan Ltd. / Minato-ku, Tokyo / President and CEO Shunji Miyazaki) has started to sell barley from Islay Island of the single malt · scotch whiskey brand “Brook Lady” on April 1, 2019 % We will release the new product “Brook Lady Ira · Burley 2011” used. [Image 1:] Based on the idea that “terroir” including the influence and interaction of soil, land, weather, where barley grows since 2001 reopened Brook Lady Distillery, affects the quality and flavor of whiskey, for many years, single malt whiskey I have aimed to express “the true price of terroir”. In the barley exploration program that pillars three points, “Where and what type of barley, how to grow it”, the “Islay / Burley” series using 100% of the barley grown on Islay Island was initially It is the mission of Brook Lady Distillery from. This “Brook Lady Islay Burley 2011” is a distillation of barley bred by six farmers in the west and center of Islay Island. While using Primary Phil Bourbon barrel mature sake, we also use sake brewed in the sweet white wine second and third fil barrels came from wineries that make the best wonderful sweet wines in the world. It gently influences the youthful and powerful spirits, and you can feel the flavor brought by the terroir of genuine Islay firmly. In addition, the current “Brook Lady Islay Burley 2010” will be discontinued as soon as the stock runs out. 【Product Details】 [Image 2:] Product name Brooke Lady Islay Burley 2011 BRUICHLADDICH BERE BARLEY 2011 Alcohol frequency / capacity 50 degrees / 700 ml Suggested retail price (main unit) ¥ 6,500
■ Our sixth round of our ongoing trial “Islay Burley” series
■ Multi Farm, Single Vintage
■ Non-loaded · Islay · Single Malt · Scotch Whiskey
■ Pablican and Oxbridge Barley Barley
■ Bottling at alcohol degree of 50% to maximize mouthfeel
■ 75%: Mature in first-time Phil Bourbon barrels for the whole period 10%: Mature in all-time First Phil · Wine Barrel (Rivesalt) 15%: Mature with second and third-fil sweet white wine barrels (Sauternes, Austria) for the whole period Each wine is vatted and after 6 months ripe ___ ___ ___ 0
■ Using spring water in Islay, bottling at the distillery
■ Non-chill filter, coloring-free additive Incredibly wonderful whiskey bottling with the best timing ascertained. You can catch a glimpse of the process of blue fruits, apples, pears, gooseberries reminiscent of youthful spirits, change to peaches, apricots and mangoes over time. The depth of oak born on aging, sweetness of vanilla and coconut, fragrance of lemon and grapefruit skin harmoniously harmonize with the sweetness of malt of Islay island barley and the scent of grain. It is brought about because each barrel perfectly grasps the influence of spirits on aging. A firm skeleton and extravagant texture are proof that Irea’s DNA is inherited. Freshly harvested wheat straw. First of all floral and fruity fragrance pushed out. Like the “Islay Buray” series so far, it is a soft fruit and delicate floral aroma. Lemon candy, grapefruit and orange peel are further enhanced with a typical Brook Lady style shown by a scintillating apple and a mature pear scent with peach and dry apricot. As it opens, the fruits, pipe tobacco, vanilla, followed by the aroma of cereal and oak with barley sugar and caramel wafers, drifts with a clear tide smell like Brook lady drifts. First of all it feels like a beautiful softer and creamy taste. Rich natural oil derived from barley envelops the tongue with delicate elder flour, honeysuckle, and rich sweetness of barley sugar. Citrus first highlights the ocean taste, and a black flavor and ginger minor flavor gives faint stimulation and spicyness. Then it continues with oak and malt, vanilla wafers, coconut, cedar. Sweet Heather Honey and Beeswax are added to the taste of cereals of whole grain biscuits and baked scones. And as with previous releases, the depth of barley from Islay is gradually increasing. Like the people of Islay, there is a depth of pocket that makes this whiskey think something is still there. To the finish you will feel fruits, dry apricots derived from oak, lemon, kiwi and caramel wafers. As if to tell the days aged at Islay Island, the sunny beach and the scent of the sea drift forever. The lingering finish on the tongue seems to bring back the way to completion of this whiskey and its precise structure. The influence of each element such as distillation, time, barrel and barley on the flavor is obvious, but not only one of them protrudes, it evolves while acting complicatedly. In this vintage, it reaches the extreme that you can enjoy the way you are as it is while feeling clearly DNA, philosophy, quality.

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