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  • [Tenable Network Security Japan K.K.] Tenable, the industry’s first innovative functional extension “Predictive Prioritization” Available

[Tenable Network Security Japan K.K.]
Tenable, the industry’s first innovative functional extension “Predictive Prioritization” Available

[Tenable Network Security Japan K.K.]
Tenable, the industry’s first innovative functional extension “Predictive Prioritization” Available
Tenable Network Security Japan K.K. Tenable, the industry’s first innovative feature enhancement “Predictive Prioritization” (priority correspondence vulnerability prediction function) started ~ Detect vulnerabilities that may be attacked by machine learning algorithm based on data science in advance – ………………………………………………………………………………… * This release is the abstract version of the press release released in the United States on February 11, 2019 (US time). Please refer to the following URL for the original text. www.tenable.com/press-releases/tenable-announces-general-availability-of-industry-s-first-predictive-prioritization “Tenable Network Security” (Tenable, Location: Columbia, Maryland, Representative: Amit Yoran (Amit Yoran)) provides a solution to automatically visualize and improve vulnerabilities of various information assets of enterprises without trouble , Predictive Prioritization “which is the industry’s first as a measure against corporate vulnerability was announced. “Predictive Prioritization” detects in advance the vulnerabilities assumed to be highly likely to be exploited within the next 28 days, which is said to account for 3% of the total vulnerability, It reduces risk. This innovative feature will be available on Tenable’s on-premises vulnerability management platform “Tenable.scTM” (formerly “SecurityCenter”). Effectively prioritizing vulnerabilities is fundamental to cyber security. However, the volume of vulnerability is increasing, so it is difficult to know which information asset is at the greatest threat. According to the vulnerability information database, only 1,500 new vulnerabilities were discovered even in 2018 alone, but only a small portion was the subject of cyber attacks. The flooding of this vulnerability makes it difficult for companies to identify vulnerabilities directly linked to business risks, as companies can no longer effectively measure, manage and reduce risks. “Predictive Prioritization” addresses this very serious problem. It can happen within the next 28 days by integrating the vulnerability data of Tenables with the third party’s vulnerability data and the threat information obtained from 150 data sources and analyzing with the unique machine learning algorithm You can predict vulnerabilities. By concentrating on vulnerabilities that have been or are likely to be attacked in the past, which are said to account for 3% of the total, companies will evolve from vulnerability remedy to post-project measures for the first time can do. As it is very important to be aware of this threat-centric management model in modern vulnerability management, Tenables developed a new “Predictive Prioritization” as a core function of the vulnerability management platform product .
【Comment of Mr. Renaud Deraison (co-founder of Chief Technology Officer · Tenables) of Tenables, USA】
“Predictive Prioritization is a huge innovation in vulnerability management, and companies can manage vulnerabilities from a new perspective because they can know which threats should be focused on in managing vulnerabilities Predictive Prioritization is unprecedented in the vulnerability management market and overcomes the cyber attack of “where” is attacked and “what” vulnerability should be given priority by grasping the full picture of the threat We can support enterprises in two key fundamental issues. ” “Predictive Prioritization” will be offered on the on-premise vulnerability management platform “Tenable.sc 5.9”. In the cloud-based vulnerability management platform “Tenable.io (R)”, it is scheduled to be offered in the second half of 2019. Detail link: https: //www.tenable.com/predictive-prioritization
【US Tenables Company Profile】
Tenable Network Security transforms its technology to more than 27,000 organizations around the world with comprehensive security solutions to meet future business needs and provides effective measures to protect organizational information doing. Tenable, which developed Nessus (R), develops the world’s first security platform capable of managing and protecting vulnerabilities of all information assets and devices by further developing vulnerability countermeasure technology. Tenable’s security platform consists of large administrative organizations and over 50% of organizations selected for the Fortune 500 (the top 500 companies based on gross income) selected by US business magazine Fortune, leading leading organizations in the world 2000 It has been introduced to over 25% of companies. For details, visit tenable.com
【US Tenables Company Outline】
Company name: Tenable Network Security Representative: Amit Yoran Amit Yoran Address: 7021 Columbia, Gateway Drive Suite 500 Columbia, MD 21046
【Company Overview of Tenables】
Company name: Tenable Network Security Japan K.K. Address: 2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Yusen Building 1F

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