“Insurance clinic” Kinshicho Parco shop March 16 (Saturday) relocation opening!

”Insurance clinic” Kinshicho Parco shop March 16 (Saturday) relocation opening!
Airic Corporation “Insurance clinic” Kinshicho Parco shop March 16 (Saturday) relocation opening! ………………………………………………………………………………… Eilic Corporation, which deals with insurance sales, solutions and systems businesses, with the link “Fintech Innovation-linking the future of people and insurance” (Head office: Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, Representative director: Ryuji Katsumoto, stock code: 7325, The following “company” and CDM Co., Ltd. (Head office: Taito-ku, Tokyo Representative director: Kyoko Aoyama) opens “Insurance Clinic” Ikegami store as “Insurance clinic” Kinshicho Parco store on March 16 (Saturday) I will. (189 stores nationwide, 75 stores in Kanto area, 21 stores in Tokyo as of March 16, 2019)
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Both new enrollment and review. Please talk about anything about insurance.
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Insurance Clinic’s unique service “Analysis Sheet” is created free of charge at stores.
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[The store manager’s comment]
If you have any questions or concerns about insurance, want to know from the basics, want to understand your own insurance, etc., please contact our store for a consultation on insurance. Insurance experts will work with you in an easy-to-understand language together with your concerns and questions. If you are concerned about whether you can subscribe to life insurance, or if you have problems with moving insurance, new construction or automobile insurance, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your visit.
【store information】

■ Store name “Insurance clinic” Kinshicho Parco
■ Recruitment agency CDM Corporation
■ Location 4-7-21 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Tsujicho Parco Store 7F
■ Telephone 0120-433-929
■ Open date Saturday, March 16, 2019
■ Business hours 10:00 to 21:00
■ Regular holiday None (according to the facility)
■ Correspondence course Visit and visit (some areas can not be supported)
■ URL www.hoken-clinic.com/detail/261/
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[20th anniversary this year! About “Insurance Clinic” It is the first * insurance shop opened in Japan in 1999. Thanks to your support and patronage, we have reached our 20th anniversary this year. We have developed our own insurance analysis and search system “Insurance IQ System” in order to explain visually and clearly the life insurance that approximately 90% of households in Japan are subscribed to. We add functions of search and comparison of insurance products and play a part in providing high-quality uniform services at “Insurance Clinics” throughout the country, from understanding the current situation of insurance to the proposal of a plan tailored to the customer.
【Company Profile】

■ Eirik Corporation (https://www.irrc.co.jp/) (Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market: Securities Code 7325) Head office location: No. 27-20, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 4 Hongo Center Building Established: July 1995 Representative: President and Representative Director Ryuji Katsumoto Capital: 1,270,500,000 yen Description of business: Insurance sales business selling insurance for individuals and corporations Solution business providing insurance solutions to insurance agents and other insurance distributors System business engaged in system development Service Site: Insure Tech Solution https://hs.irrc.co.jp/ Japan’s First * Insurance Shop “Insurance Clinic” https://www.hoken-clinic.com/ Infodio https://www.infordio.co.jp/ * “Japan’s first store-type joint insurance shop chain ※” ※ A chain store is defined as 11 stores or more or annual sales of 1 billion yen or more Tokyo Chamber of Commerce Research (June 2018)

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