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  • 【Marine Topia Resort】 【March to the end of April】 Sales of the Sakura Seaweed Plans are on sale! Fulfilling the seasonal cherry blossom sea bream in the total of 8 items Feel the spring Spring

【Marine Topia Resort】

【March to the end of April】
Sales of the Sakura Seaweed Plans are on sale! Fulfilling the seasonal cherry blossom sea bream in the total of 8 items Feel the spring Spring

【Marine Topia Resort】

【March to the end of April】
Sales of the Sakura Seaweed Plans are on sale! Fulfilling the seasonal cherry blossom sea bream in the total of 8 items Feel the spring Spring
Marine Topia Resort
[From March to the end of April]
Sakura Snack Bin plans sales started! Plan to feel the spring by enjoying seasonal seafood sea bream in total of 8 items Taste the seasonal cherry sea bream in a total of 8 dishes with various cooking methods ………………………………………………………………………………… Incorporated Marine Topia Resort (Head office: Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture 424, President: Shunpei Nishigaki), our accommodation facilities, Rurihama, iris, iris, Marin Topier The Suite, Mezzo ALL SUITE VILLAS “All-Suite Villas”) will begin selling the “Sakura Sake Tanning Plans”.
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◆ What is Sakura Bream? From the March to the May when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, the red snapper makes the surface brilliantly bright with cherry blossoms. It is said that the red snapper of this period stores nutrition for laying eggs, season when fat is the most season. Therefore, it is particularly delicious compared with other seasons, so it came to be called Sakura Bai and Hanami Snapper. It is said thanks to being abundantly eating high-quality foods such as shrimp and crabs raised by the rich sea and river of the Sea of ​​Japan, which makes it a true red snapper like a cherry blossom. We will start selling plans that will enjoy the many dishes using such a delicious Sakura seaweed.
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◆ Exquisite Seasons of Season Menu of 8 items using Sakura Seaweed You can enjoy sea bream sea bream with oil in a total of 8 dishes. If you taste fresh cherry sea breams with sashimi or shabu shabu, you will definitely feel the umami and sweetness of the bamboo shoots straight.

First-come, first-served Salad of home grown vegetables Sakura seaweed and Tango fish fish sashimi platter Sakura seaweed porcelain butter dish Broiled cherry blossoms Sakura baby shabu-shabu Sakura seaweed soup dessert
◆ Kaiseki Cuisine Tenka (Sora no Kaori) Design Plan This plan provides a menu devised by our restaurant “Tenka Sora (Sora no Kaori)”. “Heavenly fragrance” that holds large-sized preserves and provides the Miyazu-Tango geological food ingredients in a fresh state. A chef from Natori’s restaurant serving dishes that bring out the full merit of the ingredients is offered. The cuisine offered at the “Sakura Sake Tanning Plans” is a menu devised by a cook who has such a certain skill. You can taste the cuisine to eat and drink, while you are in the room.
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◆ Facility introduction Our company operates 40 rooms of villa type complete with natural hot springs and private pools in all rooms unusual in Japan. Marine Topia The Suite (www.marinetopia-suite.com/)
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Comprehensive facility equipped with dedicated hearth space, guest room hot springs, private pool, and management room with charter hot springs, chapels and multipurpose halls. Each room has a private garden with a maximum of about 1500 square meters. Kim Onsen and three kinds of bath irises (www.hana-syoubu.jp/)
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A warm bath type villa equipped with three kinds of outdoor baths (gold spring, carbonated spring, chemical). In Kansai you can enjoy a variety of hot springs at once, including the unusual gold spring. Natural hot spring & private SPA Ririhama (www.rurinohama.jp/)
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Villa with three room types such as large number of people possible, pet OK, with open-air bath. It is also featured in the media, especially the popular facility. Mezzo All Suite Villas (www.mezzo-allsuite.jp/)
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Suite villa located within 10 minutes walk from Amanohashidate Station. It was born by collaboration with organic cosmetic manufacturers.
◆ Number of people using each villa · Price Number of people available: 2 – 6 people Price: 34,200 yen (excluding tax) ~ / 1 person
■ Access
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· Approximately 20 minutes from the Kyoto Long-Range Expressway “Kobo Amanohashidate IC” · JR Tokaido Main Line “Shin-Osaka Station” ~ “Fukuchiyama Station” Approximately 1 hour 40 minutes · Tango railway “Fukuchiyama station” ~ “Amanohashidate station” about 40 minutes Shuttle bus from Amanohashidate Station approximately 30 minutes
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■ Company profile Company name: SHARP Corporation Representative: Shunpei Nishigaki founded: August 1952 Business description: Super business, resort development project, nursing care support project Headquarters location: Kyoto Prefecture Tango City Omiya Machi 88 Kuchinoono (Marine Topia Resort Kyoto Prefecture Miyazu City Hioki 4230)

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