Spring shopping, full start! What Spring Wants, The Best Ten Of The Heart

Spring shopping, full start! What Spring Wants, The Best Ten Of The Heart
To the press people World culture company Spring shopping, full start! What Spring Wants, The Best Ten Of The Heart “LaLa Begin 20, 19 4 / May” released on March 12, 2019 (Tuesday) ………………………………………………………………………………………… March 12 (Tuesday) “LaLa Begin 4 / May” will be published by World Culture Company. Finally spring comes! The spring purchases start in earnest. What do you want for this spring? Lalavigin’s name is “What I want for this spring, the best of my heart,” and I will introduce items that should be bought in the spring. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/9728/567/resize/d9728-567-513065-1.jpg]
■ What Spring Wants You, The Best Ten! I would like to wrap myself in new clothes when it becomes warm, so I tried to select 10 items from various perspectives that come to mind, now I want. A new era is coming, it’s good to try new items that I’m concerned about because of the special spring that makes me feel so stupid, or it’s also good to buy some standard items again. Why don’t you love and wear your favorite clothes even this spring? First of all, what you want to get is “boyish one-piece” “Bit loafers” at the foot of the dress If you update “center press denim” Denim to the buzz “lager shirt” “Silver Ear” shines on shirt collar …… Others [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/9728/567/resize/d9728-567-880608-2.jpg]
■ Representation of bag The term “recession” means that it is a modern study of archeology that observes, collects and analyzes the public sex epidemic. I have seen a lot of things when I watched the fashion of the bag so that the social aspect is reflected in the fashion. Why do people choose this bag, how do they hold it? Please enjoy the slightly quirky bag feature. About deep psychology hidden in bag miniaturization Returning from the Edo period to the present, “waist purse style” Weight reduction and weight check of the bag About manner in the train and holding of the correct bag Consideration of evolving high-tech materials …… etc [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/9728/567/resize/d9728-567-958512-0.jpg] “LaLa Begin 4 ・ May” ★ Official Site www.lalabegin.jp/ ★ Instagram lalabegin-offi ★ Twitter LaLaBegin_offi Price / 600 yen Published: March 12, 2019 (Tuesday) Issue / World Culture Company table of contents/ 【Special feature】 ALL WANT! What Spring Wants, The Best Ten Of The Heart! 【Special feature 2】 Recession of bag [Special Feature 3] New Saif in the New Era 【Feature 4】 LaLa Begin DRY GOODS STOR Spring is light ★ Serialization Boy woman introduction to scout / tent sauna
● Yamagata Rie MAGICAL FACTORY TOURI Heisei Sentimental / Magazine
● Omomuroni. Repeat cosmetics My rule / want a lip like a petal
● Murakami Minoru Traveling destination supper / local sake “bayashi” and white prawn sashimi-Toyama prefecture Shimoshinkawa-gun-● Tsure ヅ Rehanako Ironman of tools / “I can’t give up” if there is a “scale thing” Men’s Basics / Sweatshirts you want to secretly teach to women
● Shintaro Someya Noriko Kiri’s Waiha’s Psycho Report! / ○ ○ Moana, Psycho!

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