【Prince Hotel Co., Ltd.】

【Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima】
Hosting a new era countdown party celebrating the moment of entering a new era

【Prince Hotel Co., Ltd.】

【Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima】
Hosting a new era countdown party celebrating the moment of entering a new era
Prince Corporation
【Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima】
Holding a new era countdown party to celebrate the moment of entering a new era Live stage revealing Heisei with hit songs …………………………………………………………………………………
【Date and Time】
April 30, 2019 (Tuesday / Public Holiday) 11: 30 P.M. ~ May 1 (Wed, Holiday) 12: 30 A. M. At the island resort “Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima” (location: Hiroshima-shi Minami-ku, former Asahi Town 23-1 general manager: Haruo Hirase) is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the summer of 2019, the 23rd floor Sky Lounge Top At Hiroshima, we will hold a “New Yuan Countdown Countdown Party” that celebrates the moment of amendment on April 30, 2019 (Tuesday / Holiday). Looking back at Heisei with a hit song that is representative of Heisei, you can enjoy the countdown live stage which welcomes the new era with the free flow of sparkling wine etc. while watching the night view from the top floor of the hotel. May 1 (Wednesday, Holiday) At the moment of arrival of the new era at 0 o’clock, the staff will also sound a cracker with customers and celebrate the beginning of the new era. People who gathered at a special moment as Amemoto will share the same time, literally enjoying the countdown of “Heisei end”.
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Sky Lounge Top of Hiroshima
◆ New era countdown county party overview
【Date and Time】
April 30, 2019 (Tuesday / Public Holiday) 11: 30 P.M. ~ May 1 (Wed, Holiday) 12: 30 A. M.
1 person ¥ 1,500
Sky Lounge Top of Hiroshima (23F)
Fried link such as sparkling wine
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Shoumoku Tsukiyama (Vo.) In the peaceful Heisei era, the flow of music changes with the social background, and the songs will bring back many memories. A theme song of a big hit trendy drama and a million seller one after another Songs of the recorded Komuro family, idle and band music Heisei’s leading song is a fresh male singer and a powerful We will raise the party with the singing voice of a female singer. Cast
◆ · Tsukiyama Shoumun (Vo.) Started activities mainly in Hiroshima since 2010, live performances and many events appearances. Original songs are also appeared on TVCM and theme songs, We are getting support from a wide range of generations.
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Yuzo Tanabe (Vo.) Not only music activities, TVCM and narration, drama and movies etc. Challenge a broad genre as an expressionist. I am aiming for being able to touch people’s heart through songs. · Yuzo Tanabe (Vo.) I entered Hiroshima Music High School, and I majored in the piano department but I am interested in singing. After graduating from high school, I entered the musical department of Showa University of Music arts school. He played vocal at “Hiroshima Kentos” (now Memories). After that, Oldies, Pops, Showa Kayo, Latin, Bossa Nova and Not caught in genre, various events, dinner show, We also act as a party guest moderator at the same time. · Maiko Hometown (Key.) Began to learn piano from 3 years old, and Electone from age 10. In case
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Maiko Hometown (Key.) It triggered various genres such as rock, jazz, pops Simultaneously with starting to play, I also learn composition and arrangement. Currently there are ceremonial players such as wedding ceremonies, hotels such as Lounge playing and live activities of his own are also vigorously carried out.

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