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  • Let’s learn programming this spring break! Programming camp for junior high and high school students “G’s ACADEMY YOUTH CAMP” Opening [Capacity 20 people]

Let’s learn programming this spring break! Programming camp for junior high and high school students “G’s ACADEMY YOUTH CAMP” Opening
[Capacity 20 people]

Let’s learn programming this spring break! Programming camp for junior high and high school students “G’s ACADEMY YOUTH CAMP” Opening
[Capacity 20 people]

Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. Let’s learn programming this spring break! Programming camp for middle school and high school students “G’s ACADEMY YOUTH CAMP” Opening
[Capacity 20 people]
3 days from 1st to 3rd April 2019 | G’s ACADEMY TOKYO BASE (Omotesando) ………………………………………………………………………………… · G’s ACADEMY TOKYO program for entrepreneurs and engineers, operated by Digital Hollywood, will open programing camp “G’s ACADEMY YOUTH CAMP” for middle and high school students in April 2019 · The opening period is 3 days from April 1st to 3rd, with “G’s ACADEMY TOKYO BASE” in Omotesando · In addition to direct teaching by emerging lecturers who are carrying out classes for society at G’s ACADEMY TOKYO, lectures by high school student engineers are also held. On the final day, presentation of the original Web application developed by the participant and a presentation of the certificate will be presented Human resource training of IT related and digital contents The program “G’s ACADEMY TOKYO” (G’s ACADEMY TOKYO), a programming school for entrepreneurs and engineers, operated by Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd., which develops schools, universities and graduate schools, We will hold a camp “G’s ACADEMY YOUTH CAMP (hereinafter” YOUTH CAMP “) in April 2019.
■ What is “YOUTH CAMP”?
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gsacademy.tokyo/youthcamp/ “YOUTH CAMP” is a 3 day intensive programming camp for middle and high school students operated by “G’s ACADEMY TOKYO”, an engineer training school for professionals. In “YOUTH CAMP”, an acclaimed lecturer who is carrying out classes for society at G’s ACADEMY TOKYO will teach directly to junior and senior high school students, as well as a lecture meeting by high school student engineers. On the last day, we will present a presentation & certificate of the original web application developed by participants.
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“YOUTH CAMP” which can learn programming reasonably without inexperience with polite instruction and intuitive teaching materials. After mastering the basic content, you can write the program freely individually, and Mentor will support it. Through this course, we are confident that we can do it myself, and will provide “experience” that will give us a chance to expand our horizons for the future.
■ Background of YOUTH CAMP In the 21st century where technologies and artificial intelligence are closely related to everyday life, we think that creation is most important to human beings. And learning can not be accomplished just by educating ◯ /? Based on previously prepared correct answers. “YOUTH CAMP” wants to increase the number of talented persons who create what I want to create in PC under the concept of “to train GEEK that produces a service that changes sekai”. Even for middle and high school students, I want to provide opportunities to acquire “creative” and “ability to discover and solve problems using IT” and “presentation skills” obtained through touching programming, “YOUTH CAMP” We are taking courses. The people who participated in “YOUTH CAMP” so far received the following impressions (an example). “I started to think that programming was more enjoyable than I expected and I wanted to be able to make more things.In addition, speaker’s story was exciting, originally interested only in game production, but other than that Interest has also spread to that of. I would like to continue programming in the future. ” (15 years old / male) “There were not many opportunities to announce the application I made, but from this experience, I would like to send my work (such as school friends and family) to people around me It began to think. ” (13 years old / male) “It seems that I got to teach very carefully from the rudimentary point and I was able to send fulfilling days very fun every day.We actually learned programming and what I want to do for the future will become more concrete , It seems that it seems that it seemed that it wanted to continue studying programming even further in the future. ” (15 years old male parents)
■ Three features: “CREATE & PRESEATATION” based on learned SKILL and MIND – SKILL: Direct guidance from instructors of workers with practical experience – All lecturers of “YOUTH CAMP” are engineers with practical experience and are also “teaching professionals” who regularly serve as lecturers at “G’s ACADEMY TOKYO”. From the foundation, you can learn authentic programming skills firmly and understand easily. – MIND: Lecture by Yoshihiro Nishimura, a high school student creator –
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LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018 Grand Prix / Yoshiharu Nishimura, who was a popular lecturer last time, will be invited again to guest speakers, and through programming, we will be able to solve our familiar tasks, bring joy to someone and take on the challenge by taking the first step I will tell you. Nishimura Nobuyuki High school sophomore student born in 2001. Start programming from age 15. In LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018 held in November 2018, we developed and announced “Toubans!” To announce the duty at LINE and got the Grand Prix. IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency) 2018 Certified unexplored Junior super creator. -CREATE & PRESENTATION: Development & Presentation – On the final day, we will create an original web application based on what we have learned and presentation in front of parents / judges. Think about “what you want to create” yourself, and draw out the power to shape it to the utmost.
【G’s ACADEMY YOUTH CAMP holding summary】
A schedule Monday, April 1, 2019 – Wednesday April 3, 10: 00-18: 00 * There is a possibility that the end time will be earlier only on the last day. ·program
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/496/1607/resize/d496-1607-807751-2.png]
· Tuition fee In case of bringing in PC: 29,800 yen (tax included) * If you wish to rent a PC, it will cost 7,500 yen (tax included) separately from the above fee. Object Junior high school first grader ~ high school third grader · Language used Japanese · Capacity 20 people (first come first served basis, no preliminary examination) The venue G’s ACADEMY TOKYO BASE (Omotesando) Inside POTAL POINT AOYAMA 3-5-6 Aoyama Building, Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061 gsacademy.tokyo/ ·How to apply For those who wish to attend, please apply from the following. gsacademy.tokyo/youthcamp/
【G’s ACADEMY TOKYO (ジ ェ ー ズ ア カ デ ミ ー ト ッ キ ー)】

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gsacademy.tokyo/ Established in April 2015, Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd. aims to transmit Web services that change Sekai from Japan, is an engineer and entrepreneur training school. Of course, those who wish to change jobs as well as many who wish to start a business are going to school, and we will develop original Tech services under the mentor support of first-class engineers active in active work. Startups that succeeded in raising funds after graduation have been born one after another, and there are 28 entrepreneurial achievements for 28 companies in 3 years of opening school. Also, in order to correspond to many entrepreneurial candidates, we established the incubator “D ROCKETS”. “D ROCKETS” is located in Omotesando G’s ACADMY TOKYO BASE, causing a chemical reaction between entrepreneurs and engineers and contributing to “bringing out a web service like changing Sekai from Japan.” In addition, we are proud of the number of venture founded in the top 10 in Japan at the Digital Hollywood University graduate school which is the management mother, and 2nd in private school, following Waseda University. (According to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 2017)

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