【Love Skin (Kojida)】
You also join “# Hand Ball Club” ♪ About 70% of women answered “I regretted that I was not treating waste hair”. Parts to forget to waste hair treatment No. 1 is the surprise result of 〇. What?

【Love Skin (Kojida)】
You also join “# Hand Ball Club” ♪ About 70% of women answered “I regretted that I was not treating waste hair”. Parts to forget to waste hair treatment No. 1 is the surprise result of 〇. What?
Love skin (Kojida) You joined the “# hand club” ♪ About 70% of women answered “I regretted that I was not treating waste hair”. Parts to forget to waste hair treatment No. 1 is the surprise result of 〇. What? An attitude survey on women’s waste treatment of winter in their 20s to 30s ………………………………………………………………………………… I often hear the word “fashionable for patience!”, But it seems that there are many women who have cold days continuing and inevitably warming desire overcomes fashionable desires. What is worrisome about it is the recognition of unwanted hair in winter. I think that many women tend to neglect treatment unwanted hair because there is less exposure of the skin in winter than other seasons. This time, the love skin developing the depilation salon throughout the country conducted a “consciousness survey on waste women’s treatment of women in winter”, and what kind of awareness the women in their 20s to 30s in women are wasteful of winter I have investigated which parts I’m afraid to neglect. Survey summary: ‘Survey on women’s unwanted hair treatment’
【Survey date】
January 26, 2019 (Sat) – February 1, 2019 (Friday)
【Survey method】
Internet survey
【Number of researchers】
815 people
【Survey target】
Women in their 20s to 30s nationwide
【Monitor offer point】
General Research Over 90% of women answer “winter” the first time when unwanted hair treatment becomes sweet! What is the frequency of unwanted hair treatment in winter? First of all, when I asked “When is unwanted hair treatment going to be sweet?”, More than 90% of women answered “winter”.
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The frequency of waste hair treatment in winter was most frequent at 40.3%, “once for 2 weeks”, followed by “at about once in a week (26.1%)” “at once every 3 days ( 17.8%) “followed. In the winter when the exposure of the skin is small, I neglect to waste hair treatment, but keeping the skin of the glossy sole as it is such a winter, showing the difference of the girls’ ability with the surroundings is a shortcut to “a woman who is motivated” It should be. Parts that I forgot to do the first waste hair treatment was a surprising place! What? Answer that nearly 70% of women regretted that they were not treating unwanted hair. I asked “Where are the parts that I forgot to process the first waste hair?”, It turned out that “finger (36.5%)” was the most number.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/35615/6/resize/d35615-6-962250-1.png]
Fingers often prone to be forgotten from the consciousness that “nobody will notice anything!” Fingers are thin compared to legs and buckwheat, it can be said to be low priority parts. However, despite being stylishly nailed, there seems to be a lot of men who is disappointed at seeing women who have popping pots and hair growing on their fingers.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/35615/6/resize/d35615-6-483585-2.png]
In addition, nearly 70% answered that I regretted that I was not treating unwanted hair, “I regret not having shaved my fingers when going to buy pairing” “SNS I was pointed out by a friend when I upgraded to “I gathered opinions. Of course it is not surprising that legs and waki’s unwanted waste treatment is not sweet in winter, but of course it is more likely that there are more women who are unhappy with unwanted hair treatment seen all the year understood. What kind of depilation salon the hair loss salon think women want to pass? Furthermore, when asking “Do you currently go to hair removal salon?”, Nearly 80% of women replied “Not passing”.
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/35615/6/resize/d35615-6-584068-3.png]
If you ask a woman who is not currently attending a depilation salon, “What kind of hair removal salon would you like to go in?”, “Price is cheap (43.1%)” “Effective (24.5%)” ” Hair removal was completed quickly (18.3%) “, and so on. Care can be aimed at instincts! What?
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/35615/6/resize/d35615-6-334417-4.jpg]
Recently, in Instagram, it is fashionable to post using the hashtag “# hand club” as a picture of nails and rings. This hashtag packed with fashionable fashion at hand has many posts and is supported by many women. However, even though cute items are cute, it will be ruined if unwanted hair grows on your fingers. Handy attention when giving out business cards and working is one of the important factors affecting the first impression. Let’s get a clean handled with chitin with a hair removal saloon “Love Skin”! A depilation salon that supports women who want to be beautiful “Love Skin”
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A hair removal saloon “Love Skin” operated by Seven Ae Beauty Co., Ltd. has acquired salon No. 1 which feels that the fee is really cheap Salon · hair loss feels fast until graduation. If you can expect high effect at low price, you are talking about SNS such as Instagram and Twitter, and it can be said that it is now the most remarkable whole body depilation salon. I am using collagen skin tone hair loss which leads to beautiful skin of pull-puff fluffy full of transparency while depilating, and there is no doubt that it can transform into egg skin of Suwavebe. If you are having trouble with unwanted hair, please consult with a depilation salon “Love Skin”.
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