【Mitsui Direct Insurance】
First time with mail order type insurance acquired HDI “five star authentication”

【Mitsui Direct Insurance】
First time with mail order type insurance acquired HDI “
Mitsui Direct Insurance Acquired HDI “five-star authentication” insurance ………………………………………………………………………………… Mitsui Direct Insurance Co., Ltd. of the MS & AD Insurance Group (President: Ryuhei Funaki / URL: www.mitsui-direct.co.jp/) announced in December 2018 HDI-Japan (operated: In the “five star authentication program” of the company, President Tatsumi Yamashita), we acquired “five star authentication” for the first time in the mail-order type non-life insurance industry.
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About “ “three star” which is a proof that they are offering outstanding service from the customer’s point of view, HDI-Japan will conduct contact center management and employee management etc. comprehensively evaluates. In this “Certification Program”, the contact center has demonstrated leadership and is promoting improvements in services and performance, etc. In the two categories “inquiry window” and “web support”, “five star authentication “Was acquired. In addition, we have acquired the highest rating “three star” in “Inquiries window”, “Web support” and “HDI rating benchmark” of “Monitoring” of Accident Response / Payment Division Payment Division, the only (note) we have acquired “three stars” in three departments. (Note) As of February 2019, Mitsui Direct Investigation
■ Highly valued content ·leadership Contact center managers have a good understanding of how the support center relates to the company’s key functions, processes, and activities. In addition, well recognized within the enterprise. · Policy and strategy The contact center is proactively seeking the opinions of stakeholders and promoting improvement of service and performance. confidentiality, integrity of enterprises, customers and user data. · and improve the work performance of employees are functioning efficiently. At Mitsui Direct Insurance, this time, we aim to become a company that is chosen, , and we will continue to offer even higher quality services directly to our customers. that’s all

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