From the watch brand “Angel Clover” celebrating the 10th anniversary, “not likely” “tonneau type solar watch” released on February 20 (Wed)!

“Angel Clover” celebrating the 10th anniversary, “not likely” “” released on February 20 (Wed)!
Weni Trade Co., Ltd. From the watch brand “Angel Clover” celebrating the 10th anniversary, “not likely” “tonneau type solar watch” released on February 20 (Wed)! “Angel Clover” solar clock latest work! ………………………………………………………………………………… Weni Trade Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuhiro Miyamami) announced the launch of a solar-powered new product born out of the tonneau series “Double Play” of the wristwatch brand “Angel Clover” on February 20 Wednesday) in department stores, .
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Watch brand “Angel Clover” advocating a “playful style” established the brand in 2009, .
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As the first anniversary to commemorate the 10th anniversary, “double play” and developed “” of the extremely rare “tonneau type solar clock” and released it on Wednesday 20th February I will.
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The latest work “Double Play Solar” is a functional group featuring a high performance chronograph that can be measured in units of 1/20 second, but it creates fresh impressions like summer by coloring blue × white color. the disk at 9 o’clock rotates is appealing in seconds display.
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In addition, in order to pay off the negative element of “ wet”, and rubber. It is a new product perfect for the active scene of summer.
【Product Summary】

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■ Product Name: DOUBLE PLAY SOLAR (Double Play Solar)
■ Price: DPS38BNV-WH 26,000 yen + tax
■ Sales: Department stores, select shops, clock shops, official sites nationwide: https: //
■ Release: Weni trade Co., Ltd.
【What is Angel Clover】
Angel Clover is a fashion watch brand advocating “playful”. Development and selling agency weni trade Co., Ltd. handling many imported watches. Since its birth in 2009, it has wild and stereoscopic design, and has been growing and collaborating with numerous fashion brands such as “Roen” “Nesta brand” “Vanson” “Slasher”. In 2015, “Red Collections” with the theme “Red” which is unusual for watches is a huge hit. Inquiries and orders rushed, repeated re-arrival and out of stock, attracted attention. There is a reputation for precision three-dimensional structure and good cost performance that can not be seen in the 10,000 to 30,000 yen fee.
【What is Weni Trade】
It is a specialized trading company dealing with brands such as watches, fashion accessories, fragrances. It has the industry No. 1 share in import and wholesale of overseas brand name products. · original brand based on the experience and know-how cultivated as import wholesale. As Versace Watch and Henry London ‘s total agent in Japan, we develop a number of brands with a wide range of business models, as manufacturers.

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