Statethe-art sports tech · smart stadium feature

State-of-the-art sports tech · smart stadium feature
Reed Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd. Top sports tech smart stadium feature 2nd sports business industry exhibition period: February 27, 2019
~ March 1
Venue: Makuhari Messe Organizer: Reed Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd. …………………………………………………………………………………
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It is said that a great revolution in the sports industry is occurring due to the development of advanced technologies such as sensors, tracking, big data analysis, and AI, which have been the world of sensation and guts. The development of technology in the sports field is quickly developing, and with the new sports technology, the method of strengthening and developing players and the method of selecting team tactics have changed, enlarging fans and improving the experience of watching the games are becoming possible. Along with that, the stadium arena is also required to become a smart stadium. Under such circumstances, advanced technology, training equipment, services for stadiums and arena, attraction services, goods, etc. will be exhibited in the 2nd sports business industry exhibition. We will introduce exhibited products in just a part, so please come! Advanced sports technology
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■ Commentator is AI ORGENIUS (R) Athlete Expert AI extracts the notable scene from the play data from the viewpoint of expert AI, delivers it to players with “interpretation” effective for improving play. Soccer edition focuses on “How much contributed to the advancement of the ball” with the key to how to capture “space” important for games, how to use it, and report the game. (LIGHTz Corporation)
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■ Personal trainer AI! “AnyMotionTM” A service that performs “comparison” of the detected skeleton from a moving image of a different person and visualizes the difference of motion. By visualizing the difference between “behavior of trainer acting as a model” and “behavior of trainee” with a quantitative numerical value in the training scene, it helps improve the behavior efficiently and effectively without resorting to feeling. (NTTPC Communications Inc.)

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■ Gymnastic competition scored by the system! Sensing / AI With a 3D laser sensor, it irradiated the laser about 2 million times per second. Sensing 360 degrees at the markerless movement of the body. We digitize the position of the skeleton from the acquired data and match it with the technique DB. This system not only supports the scoring of gymnastic competition referees but also realizes scientific training and provides a new watching style. The grading support system is adopted by the International Gymnastics Federation. (Fujitsu Limited)
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■ People unnecessarily? Automatic tracking shooting POLYCAM CHAT POLYCAM CHAT is a solution that enables automation of small-scale studio shooting and interview shooting. It tracks a person by AI which detects the face and limbs of a person, and photographs up to 4 subjects automatically with smooth and stable motion. Improve tracking performance such as tracking can not be removed even when the face can not be seen. (Nikon System Co., Ltd.)
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■ Tactical support by AI Pano-Record system The panoramic camera is permanently installed in the stadium equipment and the game and the training are photographed automatically. Video confirmation in real time using tablet. Tactical support by AI customized according to team concept. Use it to improve team performance. (2501 Co., Ltd.)

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■ Track objects and people in real time Qoncept 4D Tracker Technology to track objects and people in the video in real time. Three-dimensional positions of balls and athletes can be continuously measured, and where they were at a certain time can be recorded as data. Ideal for building watching scenes at the stadium and constructing a practice support system. (Qoncept Corporation) Smart Stadium
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■ The moment you missed it can be replayed! VOGO Sport Live Video Distribution A live video distribution system that can enjoy sports from live images from smartphones, tablets, moments when you missed, slow motion, and different angles. Dare to deliver within the stadium and within the arena, delay less and smooth operation. It is appealing as a management side that all moving images are deleted when leaving the Wifi space being delivered. (NTC Corporation)
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Video distribution with a camera dancing in the sky Robycam Four point hanging cable camera system “Robycam” which was also used at the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony. It is the only system in Japan that moves longitudinally and extensively in the air, and continues to deliver the world full of realistic images that overturn previous common sense. Please experience the amazing camera work that was fascinated all over the world. (Robycam Japan)
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■ Lead score management is up to you! Display system We exhibited a system that clearly displays the scores and information of various indoor events. The scoring display board shows scores of basketball etc. using three high resolution LCD monitors. A terminal that can input player names of various competitions and manipulate scores of game situation on the score operation console. (Totariteta Engineering Co., Ltd.) What is the sports business industry exhibition? Professional sports, top leagues, top athletes, etc. are introduced and selected for “club management”, “fan service”, “training of athletes”, “training and scouting using the latest technology and IT” and “stadium solution” This is a special exhibition of the sports business industry, which will be held for the purpose of business talks for.
◆ Duration: February 27, 2019
~ March 1
10: 00 ~ 18: 00 (End only 17:00 on last day)
◆ Venue: Makuhari Messe 4-7 Hall
◆ Organizer: Reed Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd. Official HP: https: // Press release list ※ This exhibition is an exhibition aimed at negotiations. Even if you have an invitation ticket, we will refuse admission to the general public and those under the age of 18.
■ The 6th Live · Entertainment EXPO
■ The 6th event total EXPO
■ 2nd Regional Creation EXPO ※ The number of exhibitors, the number of visitors, the number of countries, and the number of products are final prospects as of October 12, 2018 including simultaneous exhibitions and there is a possibility of increase or decrease at the time of holding. * Including exhibitor contract companies as well as group companies / partners who jointly exhibit. * Comparison of the number of exhibitors with the same type exhibition and the product exhibition area. ※ Including products of simultaneous exhibition. * Exhibited products may be changed. * Some photos of published products (including simultaneous exhibition) are borrowed from the exhibitor’s website. ————————————————————————————– —————————————– An invitation ticket is required for admission to the exhibition. * Pre-registration is necessary for the interview of this exhibition. ※ Registration for interview is registered only for those who are interested in interviewing such as “news report” or “article posting”. * If you do not register in advance or if you visit us who are not for interview even if you register, In addition, if the organizer judges that the media activity is not approved (including private blogs and SNS, including extremely limited transmission) There is a possibility of refusing the reception on that day. Please note.
【Contact Information】
Organizer: Reed Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd. Sports Business Industry Exhibition Secretariat TEL: 03-3349-8510 Official HP: https: // Coverage registration: https: //

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