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  • CRAFT STORE operated new world, participate in the creative support program “Makuake” cloud funding service

CRAFT STORE operated new world, participate in the creative support program “Makuake” cloud funding service

New World Co., Ltd. CRAFT STORE operated new world, participate in creative support program “Makuake” cloud funding service We support cloud funding launch and content creation ………………………………………………………………………………… New World Co., Ltd. will participate in the new service “MakuakeCreators Network” provided by McAuke Corporation, which manages the cloud funding platform “Makuake (Makuke)” on February 22, 2019. We will actively support project launching and content creation by companies that wish to utilize cloud funding through participation. MakuakeCreators Network: https: //www.makuake.com/pages/press/detail/159 About the background of participation of “MakuakeCreators Network”
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New World has supported content creation and operation in traditional crafts and traditional crafts and cloud funding “Makuake” of Japanese manufacturing companies. I think that it is the secret of project success to carefully interview craftmen’s handicrafts and stories in the background of things, and to convey them by moving pictures, photos, and sentences.
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Cloud Funding is not only to sell funds and products, but also a value creation and connection that is unprecedented as a place for PR strategy and fans creation. According to the participation this time, in response to the voice saying, “I am confident that I am making good things but I am not able to do PR”, “Content creation is a bit of … … at home” … Starting with a project such as product development and brand building, content creation Of course, I’d like to create a project with Makuake more than ever. Project achievement
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I want to get rid of the cold from this world. A craftsman creates, too comfortable knit T “Michohada” www.makuake.com/project/mochihada/ I can get out of bedding! Warm and comfortable, the ultimate pajamas not to be defeated in winter “Mochida” www.makuake.com/project/mochihada02/ For summer white pants. From Japan, denim shoes born from the world’s only technology www.makuake.com/project/sanyosenko/ Delicious food at home and outdoors! Three-layer steel Dutch oven which is light and can be used everyday www.makuake.com/project/murakaji/ About “Makuake (Makuake)”
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A cloud funding service that sets the vision for “Japan to connect the world and create atarasy”, one of the largest in Japan operated by McAuke, Inc. Since launching the service in August 2013, we have posted more than 5,000 projects and over 160 large funding cases exceeding 10 million yen. Today, cooperation and collaboration with financial institutions with more than 90 banks nationwide are increasing trends in the implementation of projects by local business operators, as well as promoting partnerships with manufacturers and restaurants in different industries, project executors and support We are aiming for improvement of convenience and improvement of satisfaction on both parties side. Service URL: www.makuake.com/ About New World Co., Ltd.
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I operated the EC site “CRAFT STORE (craft store)” (URL: https: //www.craft-store.jp/), which is based on the concept of “Mega-meet, living in a good way,” and now 63 brands 550 Posted items as many points. With the vision of “making the Japanese brand the world’s No. 1”, we are working to expand our business including marketing support for Japanese manufacturing manufacturers through the creation of video content as sales measures and promotion using SNS.
■ Company profile Company name: New World Co., Ltd. (neworld-japan.com/) Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Yasuhiro Ide Capital: 50 million yen (as of the end of January 31, 2019) Establishment: November 1, 2013 Business description: CRAFT (contents creation, consulting, commerce)

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