【Yamamotoyama Co., Ltd.】
Yamamotoyama Newly released “Cha Sweets Financié” rich in tea flavor

【Yamamotoyama Co., Ltd.】
Yamamotoyama Newly released “Cha Sweets Financié” rich in tea flavor
To the press people Yamamotoyama Corporation Yamamotoyama Newly released “Cha Sweets Financier” rich in tea flavor Three flavors of “Sencha”, “Hojicha” and “Matcha” appear from March 15 (Fri) ………………………………………………………………………………………… Yamamotoyama Co., Ltd. (Chairman, President and Representative Director, Kaichiro Yamamoto Location: 2-5-1, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is a new product “Cha Sweets Financi Tea”, “Cha Sweets Finance Houjicha”, “Cha Sweets Finance Maccha” (more than 3 products) Will be released at Yamamotoyama Online Shop from Friday, March 15, 2019. Yamamotoyama online shop “Cha Sweets Financier” special page www.yamamotoyama.co.jp/ChaSweets “Cha Sweets Financier” is an original sweet of Yamamotoyama that used tea leaves selected by Yamamotoyama, which was founded in Edo / Nihonbashi as a sencha firm in 1690 (the third year of Genroku). Using tea leaves grown in the tea plantation of Yamamotoyama Naei, and carefully selected domestically produced tea leaves, you can enjoy an elegant taste in which the flavor of tea and butter is balanced in harmony. “Cha Sweets Financier” will be sold at Yamamotoyama’s official on-line shop, and will also be sold at Yamamotoyama dealers nationwide.
■ Product features “Cha Sweets Financi Sencha”
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The finely cut tea leaves are sprinkled in a luxurious way, so you can feel tea with not only taste and smell but also texture. Expiration date: 90 days Price: 216 yen (tax included) “Cha Sweets Financier Hojicha”
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You can enjoy the fragrant flavor of Hojicha, since it is made from Hojicha, which is evenly simmered with stems and tea leaves. Expiration date: 90 days Price: 216 yen (tax included) “Cha Sweets Financi Matcha”
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You can enjoy the refined sweetness of Matcha because you are using Uji Matcha, which is carefully made from Kyoto Prefecture’s green tea (tencha). Expiration date: 90 days Price: 216 yen (tax included)
■ Sales store ・ Yamamotoyama online shop: www.yamamotoyama.co.jp/ectop.html ・ Yamamotoyama dealership of the whole country ※ The time to start selling varies depending on the store. ※ In some stores, there may not be handling. Please confirm the dealer as of March 15, 2019 from the following URL. www.yamamotoyama.co.jp/financier-shops
■ Contact from general customers Yamamotoyama customer consultation room Telephone: 0120-283-382 (toll free) Reception hours: 10 am to 6 pm
■ Contact regarding the media Yamamotoyama Corporation Marketing Policy Department Marketing Group PR charge: Yoshida Phone: 03-3271-3366

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