【NC · Japan Co., Ltd.】
“Lineage M” The number of pre-registrants exceeded 100,000 in just 160 hours from pre-registration start! ! Comfortable gameplay in the early stage! A gift for in-game currency “50,000 Adena” is confirmed!

NC Japan Corporation “Lineage M” The number of pre-registrants exceeded 100,000 in just 160 hours from preliminary registration start! ! Comfortable gameplay in the early stage! A gift for in-game currency “50,000 Adena” is confirmed! ………………………………………………………………………………… NC Japan Corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kim Tephon) is a mobile version titled “Lineage M (Lineage M)” by MMORPG Lineage, We will inform you that the number of pre-registrants exceeded 100,000 in 160 hours from the start of pre-registration acceptance.
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■ It reaches 100,000 people in just 160 hours from pre-registration start! “50,000 Adena” for everyone! ! Gifts have been decided at the time of release of the in-game currency “50,000 Adena” as a premium for 100,000 pre-registration campaigns. Lineage M preregistration campaign will continue to be accepted, so please participate on this opportunity.
【Pre-registration campaign achievement fee】

Achievement of 100,000 people: 50,000 adena 200 thousand achievement: 10 pearls of the dragon 300 thousand person achievement: 5 battle scrolls (engraved marks) for battle enhancement Achievement of 400,000 people: Scroll of reinforced armor (engraved mark) 1 piece 500,000 achievement: Scroll of weapon strengthening (engraving) 1 piece 700,000 achievement: Sapphire of Dragon 20 pieces Achievement of 1 million: 30 pieces of dragon’s sapphire Scroll of weapon strengthening (engraved mark) 1 piece One armor made of armor reinforced (engraved)
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※ In-game benefits can be accepted after the game starts. ※ The names, effects, usage methods, and receipt due dates of in-game benefits are subject to change without notice. Please note. Details of the pre-registration campaign can be confirmed on the pre-registration site.
▼ “Lineage M” pre-registration site lineagem-jp.com «’Lineage M’ Official SNS is here» Together with pre-registration acceptance, we are planning not only to deliver information on Lineage M to everyone but also to host various campaigns.
▼ Twitter Official Account (@ LineageM_JP) https://twitter.com/LineageM_JP Official hash tag: # Lineage M
▼ LINE @ Official Account (@ lineagem_en) line.me/R/ti/p/%40fnq6380k
▼ Facebook Official Account www.facebook.com/LineageM.JP/
◆ Google Play pre-registration started Pre-registration on Google Play has been added to “Lineage M” pre-registration method from February 21 (Thursday). In addition to traditional pre-registration, you can pre-register from Google Play as well. Pre-registration on Google Play can be done from the following URL. «How to show to those who registered with Google Play» We will inform you of the terminal at the time of release.
▼ Google Play pre-registration page play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.ncjapan.lineagem

【Lineage M pre-registration overview】

【Implementation Period】
February 15 (Friday) until the day before release Preliminary registration of “Lineage M” can be done in one of the following ways. «1. How to register with LINE» Completed with friends registration of LINE official account line.me/R/ti/p/%40fnq6380k «2. How to register on Twitter» Completed following official Twitter https://twitter.com/LineageM_JP «3. How to register on Facebook» Completed following official Facebook www.facebook.com/LineageM.JP/ «4. How to register by email address» Enter your own e-mail address on the pre-registration site input form and click “Register” button to complete registration lineagem-jp.com «5. How to register on Google Play» By accessing the following URL and pressing “advance registration button” registration is completed play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.ncjapan.lineagem
■ Game Outline “Lineage M”
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It is a smartphone MMORPG based on “Lineage” famous all over the world as a big hit game. The leader of the battlefield that leads clan members “the principal”, the “strong knight (knight)” boasting strong body and attack power, “elf” specialized for long range attack and spirit magic, making use of various kinds of magic, A magicalian (Wizard) who toss up, a world view that weapons sword, magic, and blood alliances spinning by “Dark Elf” specialized in defeating opponents, boasting powerful proximity attack power. Various people will intersect through adventure, clan and war and will be irreplaceable friends and rivals for your life. In addition to being able to sell items in shops in the game, you can buy and sell items with other players through exchanges, items owned by you are assets and you feel the same economic sense as real I can enjoy it.
【Title Information】

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Title name: Lineage M (Lineage M) Genre: MMORPG Scheduled start date of service: Spring of 2019 Price: Free download · Item charged Supported OS: iOS 9.0 or later / Android 4.4 or more Development: NCSOFT Operator: NC Japan K.K. Copyright: (C) NCSOFT Corporation. Licensed to NC Japan K.K. All Rights Reserved. Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/LineageM_JP Official LINE @: https: //line.me/R/ti/p/%40fnq6380k Official Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/LineageM.JP Official YouTube channel: https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCTo4YrH1vEFbDqtaaQhIpCA
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For details on this release:

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