To the press people Anteprima Japan Co., Ltd. ANTEPRIMA / WIREBAG SPRING COLLECTION CAMPAIGN Now on! ………………………………………………………………………………………… At ANTEPRIMA / WIREBAG shops and online stores nationwide until March 31 (Sunday) Novelty present for customers purchasing ¥ 55,000 or more (excl. Tax) In Anteprima / Wire bag, MOTIVO (motivo) which boldly wovens a cherry tree motif and FLOREALE (Floreale) in which delicate flower motif is sprinkled etc. at ANTEPRIMA / WIREBAG shop and online store of the whole country until Sunday, March 31 We are holding “SPRING COLLECTION CAMPAIGN” with items perfect for spring. Please take a look at the 2019 Spring Summer Collection at this opportunity. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/7477/40/resize/d7477-40-386805-30.jpg] bit.ly/flowercollection_anteprimawirebag_online A wide selection of new items from 2019 spring and summer, with a focus on the new work of the Fiori (flower) motif that feels the arrival of spring. In addition, an anteprima original wire bag cleaning brush will be presented to those who purchased over ¥ 55,000 (excluding tax) during the period. As the number is limited, it will end as soon as it disappears. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/7477/40/resize/d7477-4-2067672-25.jpg] [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/7477/40/resize/d7477-40-972974-26.jpg]
● Campaign period: March 1 (Fri) to March 31 (Sun), 2019
● Anteprima original wire bag cleaning brush A new color pink gold cleaning brush created as an original cleaning brush for wire bags. A design characterized by a feeling of size matched to the wire bag, a supple hair end, and a form that is easy to grip. By brushing along the mesh of the wire bag, it is possible to remove dust and dirt that got into the clearance. By brushing carefully, you can use the wire bag longer for a long time.
● Campaign target shop Anteprima / wire bag stores nationwide (jp.anteprima.com/shop_list/locationlist/cat: wirebag /) Anteprima Online Store (www.wirebag.jp/) MOTIVO MOTIVO (motivo) where cherry blossoms are boldly woven by Anteprima’s advanced knitting technology. Clear Fiori (flowers) are richly decorated and fresh, while sparkling rhinestones add to the glamor. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/7477/40/resize/d7477-40-453998-17.jpg] MOTIVO (motivo) Above: PB18S410S9 W32 x H27 cm 89,000 yen (excluding tax) Below: PB19 S411 J7 W29 x H28 x D7 cm 89,000 yen (excluding tax) FROREALE FLOREALE (Floreale) sprinkled with various flower motifs to feel the arrival of spring. A cute impression with a product coupled with a soft glow wire cord. New color blue silver and powdery pink silver appear for the first time in the series which was very popular last year and sold out immediately. [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/7477/40/resize/d7477-40-232995-28.jpg] FLOREARE (Froreale) Top: PB19SK5107 W30 x H27 x D9 cm 75,000 yen (excluding tax) Bottom: PB18SK56D6 W21 x H16.5 x D 7.5 cm 55,000 yen (excluding tax) FIORI RAFIA FIORI RAFIA (Fiori raffia) which made the motif of white sunflower which symbolizes the ante prima collection of 2019 spring and summer. I finished it with a lovely and elegant impression using Italian raffia and bijoux. [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/7477/40/resize/d7477-40-817352-29.jpg] FIORI RAFIA (Fiori Raffia) Above: PB19SFV6K9 W22 x H17.5 x D8 cm 48,000 yen (excluding tax) Below: PB19SFV1 J5 W30 x H26.5 x D 8.5 cm 65,000 yen (excluding tax)
■ ABOUT WIREBAG The wire bag, also known as Anteprima’s signature, debuted in 1998. With the theme of Fun & Joy, more than 600 styles and more than 100 colors have been released to date, and the variations are more and more abundant with each passing season. The light and sparkling bag receives a light, prismatic wire cord, and all craftsmen carefully knit it by hand. It is one of the features that it has appropriate elasticity and that its shape changes when it is housed inside. The basic form, regardless of style, fits the female lifestyle and blends in with every scene to give it a lively enjoyment.

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