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About signing a collaboration agreement to enhance the acceptance environment of domestic and foreign tourists to Kagoshima City

West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Conclusion of cooperation agreement to enhance the acceptance environment of domestic and foreign tourists to Kagoshima-shi ………………………………………………………………………………… Kagoshima-shi (Mayor: Hiroyuki Mori), NTT Media Supply Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroshi Takahashi, NTT Media Supply), Kagoshima Branch of West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (branch manager: Shuji Sakakibara, NTT West Japan Kagoshima Branch), Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co., Ltd. (President: Hirohiko Yamashiro, hereinafter Mitsui Fudosan Realty) concluded a collaboration agreement to enhance the acceptance environment of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Kagoshima did. 1. Background and purpose of the agreement Kagoshima city has provided free Wi-Fi service “Kagoshima City Free Wi-Fi” from 2014 in cooperation with NTT West Japan Kagoshima branch and NTT Media Supply for the purpose of improving the convenience of foreign tourists . Mitsui Fudosan Realty has various functions in the parking lot in recent years such as correspondence to visiting foreigners who travel by rent-a-car etc. at the time parking lots parking lot operated by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. and the role as an evacuation spot at the time of a disaster Among the demand, we are improving the added value of the parking lot with the four keywords “safety and safety”, “advanced”, “environmentally friendly” and “disaster-time support” as the axis. Kagoshima-shi, NTT Media Supply and NTT West Japan Kagoshima Branch have agreed to provide free Wi-Fi service “Kagoshima City” which will be deployed to the city’s private facilities etc. to further enhance the acceptance environment of domestic and foreign tourists, Free Wi-Fi Lite “(hereinafter” Kagoshima-shi Wi-Fi Lite “) to cooperate with the aim of expanding and promoting the spread of the environment that can be connected to the Internet for free in various places in the city As a first step of that effort, “Kagoshima-shi Wi-Fi Lite” will be installed in “Mitsui’s Repak” parking lot managed by Mitsui Fudosan Realty, allowing tourists from home and abroad to easily collect information and information It provides an environment where you can call out. 2. Service outline of “Kagoshima-shi Wi-Fi Lite” (1) Logo design
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(2) Terms of use 1. To use, registration by e-mail address is necessary. 2. Usage time is up to 30 minutes (8 times a day) once. 3. For use, Wi-Fi compatible equipment such as smartphones equipped with a web browser compatible with IEEE802.11a / b / g / n / ac is required. It may not be available depending on the model. ※ This service does not encrypt communication. ※ The range of use varies depending on the surrounding environment etc., but it is in the vicinity of the access point. 4. The SSID name displayed on the terminal screen is “KagoshimaCity – Free – Wi – Fi – Lite”. 3. On providing “Kagoshima-shi Wi-Fi Lite” in “Mitsui’s Repak” Mitsui Fudosan Realty will provide “Wi-Fi Lite in Kagoshima City” in cooperation with Tellwell East Japan Co., Ltd., which provides Wi-Fi vending machines to seven targeted “Mitsui’s Repak” parking lots , Multilingual translation *, disaster support function etc. “High function automatic vending machine” etc. will be installed from February 22, 2019 sequentially. In addition, we set up digital signage and tourist information board in Kagoshima Kinsei-cho parking lot of “Mitsui’s repak” out of 7 “Mitsui’s repaku” to be targeted, and set up Kagoshima We will send out sightseeing information provided by the city (see “Attachment 1, Annex 2” for the outline of ‘High-function vending machine’ etc. and details of the target site). * By reading the QR code affixed to the checkout machine with a mobile terminal such as a smartphone, the method of using the parking lot translated beforehand in accordance with the language set in the user terminal is displayed.
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High function vending machine ※ It is an image
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Digital signage ※ This is an image 4. Main role (1) Kagoshima-shi · Recommended installation of “Kagoshima-shi Wi-Fi Lite” · Public information · publicity for “Kagoshima-shi Wi-Fi Lite” for users (2) NTT Media Supply · “Kagoshima-shi Wi-Fi Lite” provided · Equipment maintenance (3) NTT West Japan Kagoshima Branch · Communication, public relations, installation proposals for stores, etc., concerning “Kagoshima-shi Wi-Fi Lite” · Consideration of other measures concerning smooth promotion of “Kagoshima-shi Wi-Fi Lite” (4) Mitsui Fudosan Realty · “Mitsui’s repark” deployed in the city of Kagoshima Providing land and facilities etc. of the parking lot · Provide and maintain various introduction functions 5. the next deployment Kagoshima-shi, NTT Media Supply and NTT West Japan Kagoshima Branch will continue to promote the spread of “Kagoshima-shi Wi-Fi Lite” and at Mitsui Fudosan Realty, the introduction base in “Mitsui’s Repak” in the city We will consider further expansion of the company. 6. Attachment · Reference materials Attachment 1 Outline of high-function vending machine etc. combining each function Attachment 2 Target site list
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