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【Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture】
Welcome to Japanese breakfast! Spring yoga & breakfast

General Society Saga Tourism Federation
【Saga Prefecture Arita-cho】
Welcome to breakfast in Japan! Spring yoga & breakfast Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture ………………………………………………………………………………… Arita Tourism Association in Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture, together with the local community revitalization group · coicolor (coy color), experienced the new charm of Arita town and set breakfast and yoga as an attempt to enrich the stay in Arita We will implement the “morning haven” plan on March 17th.
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【Saga Prefecture Arita-cho】
Welcome to breakfast in Japan! Spring yoga & breakfast From pass type to stay type. There are few accommodation facilities in Arita-cho, most customers with a short stay. In the future, I am thinking that I would like to extend the staying time by creating a mechanism that allows us to feel Arita’s diverse charm deeper, as part of that. Although “morning yoga & breakfast” which is the third time starting from the last fiscal year, this time as well this time there is an old private house built in the Taisho era of the important designated traditional building preservation district in Arita-cho “Shoji Ann) “. The spiritual old private house is a space where you can relax your mind and body.
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【Saga Prefecture Arita-cho】
Welcome to breakfast in Japan! Spring yoga & breakfast The ingredients of breakfast after yoga are also Arita-yaki carefully selected according to breakfast, sticking to what is produced around Arita-cho. In springy refreshing morning, yoga and healthy breakfast should surely be a reward for a tired body. Spring Yoga Breakfast Date / Time March 17, 2011 (Sun) 8: 00 ~ Yoga 9: 30 ~ Breakfast Place / Koichian (Shuzenan) (Arita-cho Kamikaze Hei 1-8-11) Price / 2,000 yen (with yoga, breakfast and coffee) Capacity / 8 people Organizer / Arita Tourist Association · coicolor
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