HR Evaluation Cloud “Competency Cloud (R)” OneLogin for SAML Single Sign-on

HR Evaluation Cloud “Competency Cloud (R)” OneLogin for SAML Single Sign-on
To the press people Team of tomorrow Human Resource Evaluation Cloud “Competency Cloud (R)” OneLogin for SAML Single Sign-On To reduce time and effort for security risk login ………………………………………………………………………………………… Human resources evaluation cloud using AI to improve the working style of small and medium-sized enterprises The team of Tomorrow Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and CEO: Keisuke Takahashi, “Tomorrow’s team”) We are pleased to announce that Competency Cloud (R) is compatible with OneLogin’s SAML single sign-on *. In addition, since it is registered in the OneLogin application catalog, configuration by corporate administrators has been simplified.
Nowadays, many companies have introduced cloud tools to improve work efficiency and productivity. While the introduction of cloud tools promotes business efficiency, there are also problems that management of individual IDs and passwords becomes complicated, and security risks occur due to omission of ID removal from retirees. Competency Cloud (R) cooperated with OneLogin, an IDaaS (Cloud ID Management) service. Logging into OneLogin with a single password enables single sign-on, which enables you to access corporate applications on the cloud. “Competency Cloud (R)” supports SAML Single Sign-on *, so when the user signs in to OneLogin, it saves time and effort to manage the ID and password of “Competency Cloud (R)” account individually. Account management will be easier and safer. This authentication process using SAML is a more secure authentication method because the ID and password used in the conventional single sign-on authentication method are not exchanged. In addition, by registering “Competency Cloud (R)” in the OneLogin application catalog, the setting by corporate administrators has been simplified and the convenience has increased. Tomorrow’s team aims to further expand the users of Competency Cloud (R) and will continue to improve usability in the future. ※ SAML single sign on
■ About OneLogin ( OneLogin is a cloud-based identity access management & single sign-on (IDaaS) solution. It is used by more than 2,000 companies in over 200 countries worldwide, and boasts a top-class share of IDaaS services. By introducing OneLogin, it is possible to use multiple cloud services and web applications with a single ID / password entry, and also offers various authentication enhancement functions to prevent unauthorized use of cloud services. Can be used with confidence in the company. You can use it on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and many other platforms.
■ About Competency Cloud (R) ( Competency Cloud (R) is a personnel evaluation cloud that is packed with all the know-how related to personnel evaluation, which has been cultivated by providing tomorrow’s team with one-stop support for establishing and operating a personnel evaluation system for 10 years. In addition to being able to collectively manage evaluation operations generally used on paper and Excel on the cloud, it also incorporates various functions using Big Data from 2,000 companies. We will encourage individual growth motivation by improving employee engagement through the operation of the correct personnel evaluation system, and help solve future corporate problems. ※ You can see in the video! Competency Cloud (R)
■ Tomorrow’s team company profile Representative: Chairman and Representative Director Yusuke Takahashi Hiroyuki Akaba, President and CEO Head office location: 〒 104-0061 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA SIX 11F Description of business: · Remuneration-linked human resource development program “Zettai! Evaluation (R)” ・ Human resources evaluation cloud “competency cloud (R)” Capital: 410.1 million yen (including capital reserve) Established: September 25, 2008 URL:

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