The 2nd Ama Ladies Open was held on March 7 at ABC Isumi Golf Course

The 2nd Ama Ladies Open was held on March 7 at ABC Isumi Golf Course
To the press people Kayama sake storehouse The 2nd Ama Ladies Open was held on March 7 at ABC Isumi Golf Course ~ One Day Tournament with a Winning Prize of 1 Million Yen! To ………………………………………………………………………………………… Kayama Shuzo (Head office: Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture) held “The 2nd Ama Ladies Open” for the revitalization of women’s competition golfers on Thursday, March 7, 2019. Ama Ladies Open is a one-day tournament in which women’s professional golfers and amateur golfers compete together. The winning prize is 1 million yen, and the prize total is more than 2.5 million yen.

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The second Ama Ladies Open
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The second tournament champions Fukasawa and Harada The 2nd Ama Ladies Open Result This year’s second event, the 2018 QT contestants and 68 athletes, including amateur players, participated. Due to the deterioration of the course condition due to bad weather, it was suddenly reduced to a 9-hole competition, and the contest was held to compete on the OUT course and the IN course. Yuka Fukasawa who went on the OUT course at 36 (Tochigi / photo: right) and Akira Harada who went on the IN course at 37 (Kanagawa / photo: left) became the tournament queen. At the award ceremony, Fukasawa and Harada were given the prize money of 500,000 yen and trophies, respectively, from the main sponsor of the tournament, Kayama Shuzo and Kayama.
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After the end of the women’s open competition, the players will meet in one place, the time of training and question and answer session of stress psychology by Dr. Hibiki Ona teacher and the new rule of JGA 2019 enforcement by Iizuka pro of the competition chairperson of this tournament We shared valuable time for golfers such as confirmation. The next tournament will be held on October 3rd, 2019 (Thursday) at ABC Isumi Golf Course.
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Event name: Ama Ladies Open One Day Tournament Date: March 7, 2019 Venue Name: ABC Isumi Golf Course
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Purpose of Ama Ladies Open At Ama Ladies Open, Kayama Shuzo, located in Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture, serves as the main sponsor to expand the saucer of women’s competition golfers and to revitalize the entire women’s golf community, and cooperates with Toranomon Golf Plaza and ABC Isumi Golf Course The first tournament was held in October last year. This open tournament includes professional golfers challenging LPGA-sponsored tournaments, step-up tours and qualifying tournaments (QT), and trainees who are aiming to become women’s teaching professional golfers and professionals who usually use lessons as their main battlefield. -And we held to be held for amateur golfers and all competition-oriented golfers to battle beyond the boundaries.
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ABC Isumi Golf Course The tournament management is conducted by Ama Womens Open Office, which was launched by Kayama Shuzo and Toranomon Golf Plaza in cooperation. ※ “Amama” is a non-additive rice bran sweet wine made by the main sponsor “Kayama Sakekura”.
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Ama Ladies Open Office Kayama sake storehouse
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Trophy and Ama The Kayama Brewery has started making liquor from the spirit of “making a delicious drink that they want to drink!”. We are making safe, secure sake that is enjoyed forever and does not contain any additives that can be enjoyed by the elderly and the younger generation. It is a pure rice foamy sake “Kayama” that was developed with “Sake that can be enjoyed while considering the health for a long time”. In addition, the sweet sake “Amama”, which is also the name of the tournament, was born out of the idea that sweet sake can be safely given to their children every day.
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Ryota Murai pro Ryota Murai (Japan Professional Golf Association Tokyo District Representative) Toranomon Golf Plaza representative Ama Ladies Open Convention Executive Chairperson A golf school and a driving range on the roof of a building directly connected to the 10th exit of Toranomon Station, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Together with Kayama Shuzo, we operate the Ama Women’s Open Secretariat, and we conduct course management smoothly by taking course confirmation at the tournament and taking overall command on the day of the tournament.
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Iizuka Yumiko Pro Iizuka Yumiko (Japan Women’s Professional Golf Association) Ama Ladies Open Tournament Competition Chairperson Serves as a referee during course confirmation and competition based on the rules of the tournament. At Ama Ladies Open, 18-hole stroke play, self-play, JGA local rules, and special rules for competitions are applied based on the new rules of the 2019 JGA Golf Rules.
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ABC Isumi Golf Course A golf course located in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture, which is the venue for Ama Ladies Open 2 tournament. Release the common sense of golf! The newest public course in Chiba Prefecture. It is characterized by the planning and implementation of various events such as dog companion play and monthly open competitions. The participants who used this course also received comments such as “It was an interesting course” and “I want to revenge this course”.
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Ama Ladies Open Official Logo Ama Ladies Open Official Logo Decision In order to determine the official logo color of the second Ama Women’s Open, a vote was conducted from 70 female golfers. As a result, the first place was pink, 2nd place green, 3rd place yellow, and many votes were decided in the pink logo. It is used as an official logo from this tournament. In the center of the logo, Captain Kamasu and a golf ball are drawn as a symbol of the tournament. Captain Kamasu and the main character of rice bran sweet sake amaha Unnamed: Captain Kamasu Favorite food: starch Height: 5 μm Special skill: Convert starch to glucose.
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Announcement of recruitment of sponsoring companies We are looking for sponsorship for the 3rd Ama Ladies Open scheduled to be held on October 3. This tournament is held for the purpose of revitalizing the Japanese women’s professional golfing world and fostering the future star players. We will use the sponsorship money for the tournament prizes and administration, etc., and we would like to return it to everyone who participates. Please contact the following for details. Ama Ladies Open Office (in Toranomon Golf Plaza) TEL: 03-6268-8690 (10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays)
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Company Name: Kayama Shuzo Location: 1717-1 Kobayashi, Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture Established: June 15, 2015

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