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  • [EXJ Inc.] Brand “ALEXIA STAM (Alicia Stan)” 2019 for SPRING / SUMMER themes for women who love traveling “SANDY MOOD” One-shoulder-type bikini of trend is first appearance!

[EXJ Inc.]
Brand “ALEXIA STAM (Alicia Stan)” 2019 for SPRING / SUMMER themes for women who love traveling “SANDY MOOD” One-shoulder-type bikini of trend is first appearance!

EXJ Corporation Brand “ALEXIA STAM (Alicia Stan)” 2019 for SPRING / SUMMER “SANDY MOOD” A one-shoulder-type bikini of trend is first appearance! Sales start on EC site from 19:00 on March 20 (Wed) ………………………………………………………………………………………… The apparel brand ALEXIA STAM (Alysia Stan) (EXJ, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director and brand designer: Michiko Yamanaka), which made the main bikini, is the official EC from 19:00 on March 20, 2019 (Wednesday) 2019 SPRING / SUMMER collection “SANDY MOOD” will be launched on site. ALEXIA STAM 2019 SS SWIMWEAR Collection “SANDY MOOD” EC site URL (March 20th, 19:00 opening): alexiastam.com/products/category/swimwear/
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“SANDY MOOD” is an image of a plant that lives strongly and beautifully in the dry sand world, and expresses its energy in a simple yet playful and bold design. In addition to over 40 different tops and over 20 different bottoms, the collection now features a new one-shoulder trend. New pattern leopard and large ribbon accent. 2019 SPRING / SUMMER theme is “SANDY MOOD”
■ A collection of images of strong and beautiful plants
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ALEXIA STAM (Alysia Stan) 2019 The theme of SPRING / SUMMER is “SANDY MOOD”. Imagine plants that live strongly and beautifully in the arid world of sand, and deliver a collection that adds a touch of energy to simple yet playful bold designs to women who live strongly in the modern age.
■ Model is super instag lammer of ALEXIS REN et al. Of eight people with more than 10 million followers Ms. Michiko Yamanaka, CEO and brand designer of ALEXIA STAM (Alysia Stan), and ALEXIS REN (Alexis Ren), a super-instaglamer and model with over 10 million followers, led eight Instagrammers active in the world Welcome to the main visual. How about finding your favorite with reference to the Corde that they wear?
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One shoulder type first appearance in 2019 SS collection
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/25513/15/resize/d25513-15-758671-4.jpg]
The 2019 SPRING / SUMMER collection features one shoulder type for the first time! The shoulder strap has become part of a large ribbon with a strong presence, and it is designed to feel cuteness even in adulthood. The under part has a sense of stability in the shirring specification and the shoulder strap is removable so you can enjoy it in 2 Way. In addition, the shape calculated to make the woman’s body beautiful, 360-degree playful design, and a sense of fit. Also, ALEXIA STAM (Alicia Stan) swimwear is sold separately, allowing you to freely combine your favorite designs and sizes. Find your favorite combination. Coordinate is infinite! The combination of tops and bottoms changes the mood, one of the unique ways to enjoy ALEXIA STAM (Alicia Stan). It also features a rich selection of over 40 tops and over 20 bottoms. How about referring to your favorite Corde?
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/25513/15/resize/d25513-15-631372-5.jpg]
Laura Strawberry Milk (Tops) Despite the design Do not get extra sunburn marks Invented bandu type It is a bikini top.

[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/25513/15/resize/d25513-15-687792-7.jpg]
Brooke Hazelnut (Tops) It is a string design with two underscores, A triangular bikini top that combines both cute and stylish. It is also recommended for those who want to show off their body.

[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/25513/15/resize/d25513-15-800364-6.jpg]
Stella Baby Leopard (Tops) Triangle bikini top that firmly supports the under. Simple and stylish design, You can enjoy various bottoms and compatibility.

[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/25513/15/resize/d25513-15-435178-8.jpg]
Chloe Pistachio × Milky Tile One-piece type with frills on shoulder straps. The back strap attached to the back is removable.
Total number of followers exceeds 20 million! Eight Super Instagrammers Selected as Models The models used in the 2019 SS Visual are the eight “Super Instag Lamars” who are attracting attention from around the world in their lifestyles. Among them, Alexis Ren (Alexis Ren) who has more than 13 million followers is particularly fond of Japan and seems to be studying very well where the aesthetics of Japanese girls are high. Let’s take a look at Alexis’s everyday life, which has a preeminent style and attractive smiles.
[Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/25513/15/resize/d25513-15-217214-10.jpg]
Alexis Ren (Alexis Ren) Model / Actress / Designer Number of followers: 13.1 million (as of March 2019) Instagram URL: www.instagram.com/alexisren/
[About ALEXIA STAM (Alicia Stan)]
To all who love the beach. I like traveling, I like the sea and the sun, I like the CITY, I also value my work, Fashion Bikini which gives attractive women not afraid of such adventure. The shape is cut to make the 360 ​​° woman look more beautiful. Functional with the latest design. You can wear training, yoga and surfing as well as Bikini. A high-quality, playful lineup for comfortable and sophisticated adult women. With the theme of various oceans in each collection, if you can share the excitement that you feel on a journey through ALEXIA STAM, it was born with such thought.
[Image 11: https://prtimes.jp/i/25513/15/resize/d25513-15-381198-11.jpg]
Where will you take ALEXIA STAM next? Official site: alexiastam.com/
[Designer / MICHIKO YAMANAKA Michiko]
I drop the essence I got from traveling around the world’s beaches into my design.
[Image 12: https://prtimes.jp/i/25513/15/resize/d25513-15-315444-9.jpg]
It is a S size of 157 cm in itself, and the woman who suffers from the style proposes a cut that looks the most beautiful. Such a special, swimwear that raises the tension of the wearer, it is wasteful to end only with a limited Beach or Pool! From the idea, I devised Swimwear which can be used all year round as yoga training surfing and everyday inner wear. In recent years, it has been designed as a design for moms and “body making is a part of fashion”, and he has also worked on training wear for styling. Food, food and housing, thinking that everything is connected to fashion, feel the sea and advocate for a healthy and happy life. Attention is focused on the lifestyle itself. Instagram: @ alexiastam1988 Photo Gallery
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