Fiji’s Government Tourism Bureau Transmitting Fiji’s “Bula (Bura!)” Spirit to the world in line with “International Happiness Day”

Fiji Tourism Board Fiji’s Government Tourism Bureau Transmitting Fiji’s “Bula (Bura!)” Spirit to the world in line with “International Happiness Day” Appointed “Braniah Ambassador” to convey happiness in various parts of the world, and appointed Mr. Musashimaru, a former sumo wrestler as “Braniah Ambassador” in Japan …………………………………………………………………………………………

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The Fiji Tourism Board (main office: Nadi, CEO: Matthew Stoker) has launched “Blanea”, a marketing campaign representing 2019. This will be implemented on March 20, 2019, in line with the UN’s establishment of “International Day of Happiness”. In the future, along with Ambassador Brunéa, we will convey Fiji’s happiness through tourism promotion You “Branea” is a coin of the Fijian greeting “Bula!” And Millionaire, and translates directly to “a person who has a lot of happiness.” A person who has a lot of happiness (happiness) and feels happy every day, not the material value but the way of thinking. Anyone who has that idea can become a “Branea”. Fiji has been number one in the “World Happiness Ranking” survey by Gallop International over the past few years, and the Fiji Government Tourism Office has “Where Happiness Finds You” Under the brand message of “), we have promoted tourism promotion. At the launch of the “Branea” this time, the Fiji Government Tourism Bureau selected “Blanea” representatives from around the world, and from Japan Japan appointed Mr. Musashimaru (now Musashigawa Prosperity), a former great sumo wrestler, as Branee Japan. . The reason is that Mr. Musashimaru is “happiness” and has a personality and attractive personality, and is a father and husband who loves a family, and is a character loved by disciples and others around him. Can be mentioned. “When I talk to people who visit Fiji, it is often said that the most impressive thing at the end of the trip is the friendliness and warmth of the Fijian.” Bra Spirit “arrived in Fiji It is a mysterious power that you can feel from the moment, and after finishing your trip you have left a sense of rhyme for a while.Fiji is literally, Happiness looks for you, more people through Branea I would like to deliver Fiji’s Happiness to Japan ”(Comment by Mr. Matthew Stokel, CEO of the Fiji Tourism Board)
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