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Start of provision of “Movcube” recording interview tool

NODE Inc. Started providing recording interview tool “Movcube” Adjustment of schedule and place adjustment time at interview We will reduce the cost and improve the recruitment efficiency by acquiring more information than the documents.


NODE Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Kenta Watanabe) who conducts recruitment business specializing in ASEAN personnel will start offering the recording interviewing tool “Movcube (Mob Cube)”. Movcube is a recording interviewing tool that chooses time and place. URL: www.movcube.net/

In the recording interview tool Movcube, candidates answer / record from online on their favorite timing and place in question items preset by the company, the company browses the recorded videos from the management screen and evaluates can. Based on the fact that foreign nationality recruitment will increase more and more in the near future before the start of the status of residence “specified skill”, you can use it widely. Movcube is a recording interview tool that does not require schedule adjustment or space securing. Recruitment staff will set up questions according to the flow below. 1. Setting of recruited occupation 2. Creation of question items (3 types of text subtitles, voice infusions, selective questions) 3. Send the created question item to the candidate After that, we wait for acceptance of answers from candidates. Candidates can not recapture as one principle, in principle, you can reproduce the realism at the interview.

In recent years, Japanese companies have increased the recruitment of foreign nationalities, but the reason for hiring recruitment is “Japanese proficiency”. Although I botherly visited the company, I could see the result in 5 minutes. However, it is not unusual to have an interview for 30 minutes because it is sorry. Movcube aims to reduce the time that has occurred so far and transportation expenses to the company as much as possible by knowing the candidate’s prior information by adding to the document selection. In addition, there are companies that are struggling to secure talent, especially in rural areas, and there are cases where you are struggling to respond to distant candidates. The selection of overseas residents is also similar. Movcube will also devote a lot to this issue.

◆ Application: www.movcube.net/admin/company/new

◆ Offer price: Up to 5 monthly items can be used on the same day free Trial plan. (For more information: www.movcube.net/)

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Browser is Google Chrome or Firefox Representative: Kenta Watanabe Establishment date: March 12, 2014 Location: Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1-34-15 Company URL: nodejpn.com/ Movcube: www.movcube.net/

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