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Newly developed “Stealth jelly” loaded condom “ZONE” bringing the feeling of wearing to zero without limit

GEX Corporation Newly developed “stealth jelly” loaded condom “ZONE” bringing the feeling of wearing to zero as much as possible The beginning of a new era of condoms not thin ………………………………………………………………………………………… GEX Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka; President and CEO: Yujiro Ayukawa) will launch the “Stealth Jelly” -equipped condom “ZONE” from Wednesday, March 20. “ZONE” is a condom equipped with “Stealth Jelly”, which does not make you feel fit, newly developed by JEX. “Stealth jelly” is a special jelly that has about 3 times the adhesion and 2 times the thickness of conventional preparations. As a result of monitor verification, in comparison with usual ones for both men and women, extremely high satisfaction was obtained in all of “Rubber thickness”, “Uneasy feeling due to friction”, “Rubber feeling” and “Overall evaluation”. “ZONE” produces a sense of unity that does not make you feel like wearing rubber.
【Development history】
While trying and erroring research and development for many years on the theme of eliminating the sense of discomfort of the condom on the female side, adjustment was made focusing on the jelly for which the improvement in the feeling of use for men was seen despite the application on the female side As a result of repeating the monitor, it reached the completion of the stealth jelly condom which both men and women lose wearing feeling of the condom.
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■ Product Overview Product Name: ZONE (zone) Number of pieces: 6 pieces / 10 pieces Price: Open price (Reference selling price: 900 yen / 1,500 yen) Features: Unique jelly technology (stealth coat) to eliminate discomfort when using condoms Material: made of latex with excellent fit Type: Natural type color: pink Expiration date: 5 years (managed medical equipment) Stealth jelly that achieves the largest application amount ever in Gex history We adopt natural latex more flexible than polyurethane condom (thing of 0.01-0.02 mm) Stealth jelly coated on the entire female side firmly adheres to the rubber surface and cuts the friction resistance by 67% compared to silicone oil, which is a common lubricant Stealth jelly with approximately 3 times the adhesion and 2 times the thickness compared to conventional lumber The combination of these has made it possible to realize a feeling of thinness.
▼ Characteristics of ZONE (stealth jelly)
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▼ Monitor evaluation / 50 male and female couples (total 100 people) Those who usually use thin condoms (made of 0.01-0.02 mm polyurethane) also got useful answers.
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■ Company Profile Name: JEX Corporation URL: www.jex-inc.co.jp/ Established: December 7, 1959 Capital: 300 million yen Location: 〒 540-0012 Osaka, Chuo-ku, Tanimachi, 2-chome, No. 3-12 Business contents: Production and sales of quasi-drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, child care products, life related products, etc.

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