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  • 【Hikari Miso Co., Ltd.】 ~ Hikari Miso × Japanese Food Service Counselor in American School in Japan – Implementing a food education lesson that conveys the charm of miso and Japanese food

【Hikari Miso Co., Ltd.】
~ Hikari Miso × Japanese Food Service Counselor in American School in Japan – Implementing a food education lesson that conveys the charm of miso and Japanese food

Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. ~ Hikari Miso × Japanese Food Service Cheerle in American School · Japan · Implemented a food education class to convey the charm of miso and Japanese food ………………………………………………………………………………… Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. (Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture, President: Yoshihiro Hayashi), in collaboration with the Japanese food service cheering group (Chuo Ward Tokyo, within the Gokujin Foundation of the joint company) working on the succession of Japanese cuisine, 2019 We will conduct a food education lesson at American school in Japan (Chofu city, Tokyo) on March 5th (Tuesday) to communicate the charm of miso and Japanese food.
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In case Due to the growing interest in Japanese food and fermented food worldwide, Miso export volume in 2018 recorded a record high of 17,009 t (* 1). In Japan as well, miso is attracting attention again as a fermented food due to the growing health consciousness. Among them, the market for instant miso soup, which can be easily eaten, has been growing for the ninth consecutive year since 2009, reaching a record high of 69.7 billion yen. (※ 2) However, the production of miso is on a slight decrease from the level of flatness, and we believe that opportunities to enjoy miso cooking are decreasing. In response to such a background, as a manufacturer of miso traditional Japanese foods, we have experienced the charm of Japanese food and miso enjoyed in the world for the first time in the children, and the Japanese traditional food culture We want to support inheritance, we conduct food education class every year. In case In case
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Koji flower-free Organic miso This will be the third year will be held at the American School in Japan established as the first national school in Japan in 1902. We have enrolled students of more than 50 nationalities in the world. Miso which can be easily obtained even at overseas supermarkets as MISO now. For miso, which is becoming a familiar food overseas, I would like to have the opportunity to know not only the taste and how to eat, but also the history, kind, miso, etc., and would like to deepen the interest in miso I will. The cafeteria at our school offers a menu using only organic ingredients. Currently, the frequency of offering Japanese food is low, and the provision of miso soup is about twice a year. On that day, we offer miso soup using organic miso which we are good at, and you will experience miso with five senses. (* 1) Source: Ministry of Finance Trade statistics (* 2) Source: Monthly report of alcoholic beverages foodstuff
【Summary of food education seminar holding】
Date and time: Tuesday, March 5, 2019 12: 10-12: 55 Venue: American School in Japan 1-1-1 Nozumi Chofu, Tokyo, 182-0031, Tokyo Target audience: Three classes of middle school (12 to 14 years) totaling 65 people Schedule: 9: 30 ~ 10: 15 1. Eating education lesson with Hikari Miso “until miso is made” 11: 30 ~ 12: 10 2. Japanese lunch eating (students, Hikari Miso)
● About the Japanese food service cheering team In March 2014, Japanese chefs and major food manufacturers who were motivated to succeed “Japanese food” culture gathered and established under the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Currently, about 64 Japanese chefs nationwide and 65 companies are participating in activities. Japanese cuisine visits elementary and junior high schools throughout the country to provide Japanese food supplementary lessons such as development of Japanese cuisine meal cooking in cooperation with school nutrition staff and cooking and offering Japanese cuisine such as Japanese delicacies. In addition, we introduce a Japanese menu menu that is easy to introduce for school lunch at a cooking demonstration for school nutrition staff. Through these activities, we are increasing the number of Japanese food offerings for school meals and communicating the importance of Japanese food to children. About Hikari Miso
● The factory is set up in Iijima cho Nagano prefecture which is suitable for the fermentation of miso, underwater flow of the central alps flows, making miso using carefully selected raw materials. Focusing on non-additive · organic miso from early in order to deliver the original taste of miso which is fermented food of natural origin. The representative commodity “Additive Mature Kojimi” is a leader in the market by winning No. 1 (* 3) of the top selling item in the non-additive miso category. Organic miso “I am stuck” boasts a 50% share in the organic category (* 4). In addition to organic JAS, we acquired the NOP certification in the US, EU organic certification in Europe, Halal certification, Kosa certification for the first time in the industry, and we are delivering the deliciousness of Japanese traditional fermented food “MISO” overseas. The Iijima Green Factory, the flagship factory, acquired the BRC certification, which is the food safety standard, the fourth in Japan, the first in the industry. We have acquired ISO 14001 and are working on advanced measures concerning quality and environmental measures. While making miso making as the core, we are developing sweet drinks that make use of technology of instant miso soup, vermicelli · for soup, koji make according to convenience needs and diversification of food. In 2019, a lineup of vegetable protein food “H� * # RKIS FINLAND vegetable noodle” using Finnish roast beans. At the same time as sending out the attractiveness of fermented foods to domestic and overseas, we are introducing sustainable perspectives such as organic and vegetable protein foods and delivering products that contribute to tasty and healthy diet. (* 3) 750 g KSP-POS “Additive not mature Kojimi” Based on our company based on January to December 2017. Remove salt reduced products (* 4) Based on KSP-POS, we compiled our company. Sale price share of 2017 Company name: Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. Established: 1951 (Showa 26) February 8 * Established 1936 (Showa 11 years) Head Office: 4848-1 Shimosuwa-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture Sales: 14,535 million yen (settlement in September 2018) HP: www.hikarimiso.co.jp/csr/society/

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