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Tamanoya Tamanoya Group, working style reform application “cyzen” introduced in the second half year Achieves a 20% increase in sales and a one hour reduction in overtime hours on site staff

Red Fox Corporation Tamanoya Tamakoya Group, introduction of working style reform application “cyzen” introduction 20% increase in sales and 1 hour reduction in on-site staff overtime hours achieved Success in increasing the number of business visits and improving customer satisfaction through efficient rounding using location information and de-analog and real-time sharing of customer management

RedFox Corporation (location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Hirosuke Bessho, “Red Fox” below), which provides a smart new way of working and provides a way of working reform application “cyzen”. Big Egg Japan Co., Ltd. (location: Ota-ku, Tokyo, representative: Yuichiro Kuwahara, hereinafter “Tangonoya”), which operates the Tamanoya brand of the delicacies section of Tamakoya Group, introduced “cyzen” and introduced the second half In addition to a 20% increase in sales yearly, we will announce that the on-site staff overtime hours have been reduced by an average of 1 hour a day.

Until now, at Tamanoya, about 20 staff members deliver legal food daily to funeral homes and temples, etc., as customers, and sales activities such as bringing delivery dishes to potential customers nearby in between deliveries. I am also going. At that time, it was difficult to trace the past history for each customer, because the sales record after the customer visit was written in the paper daily report ledger, and if you want information immediately, call the other staff each time I had to ask at LINE. In addition, the confirmation of the sales record of the paper ledger with only one book was limited, and it was not possible to share information with the manager or the president. Therefore, Tamanoya shares “cyzen” with the aim of streamlining sales activities by sharing the latest customer information in real time throughout the company, and allowing administrators and field staff to easily access and use it from outside the company. It has been introduced.

With the introduction of “cyzen”, on-site staff can check the funeral companies and temples they can visit on the smartphone map, enabling efficient new sales between delivery. The number of visits that can be devoted to opening a day has doubled from three to six. In addition, the ability to easily share in-house complaints and important customer complaints from existing customers has also reduced errors in the field and improved customer confidence. In addition, we have succeeded in reducing overtime by an average of about 1 hour a day, as it is no longer necessary to return home from outside to prepare a report or research. The on-site staff manager can also confirm the daily movement of each staff in real time on “cyzen” and confirm the information accumulated for each customer, enabling prompt instruction and support as needed have become. And it became possible to evaluate employees more appropriately because it became easier to grasp the daily work status and progress of each staff member. As a result of working style reforms utilizing this “cyzen”, in January 2019, half a year after the introduction of “cyzen” in June 2018, sales during the busy season reached record highs of ¥ 10 million to ¥ 12 million a day The business productivity improvement and the 20% sales increase could be realized simultaneously.

■ Summary of “cyzen” utilization

・ Realize efficiency improvement and customer satisfaction improvement by sharing and checking customer information in real time
・ Information on prospective customers in the vicinity of the map is displayed, enabling efficient visits
· Create reports from smartphones outside the company, reducing travel time and work time

■ The comments of Mr. Tamanoya, Tatsuya Miyamoto, General Manager, Sales Division, Masato Risako, Deputy General Manager, Sales Division

The application of “cyzen” is easy to operate, and all employees can use it immediately, recording “visits to existing customers” and “visits to prospective customers” from smartphones and browsing them with smartphones. Everyone can share information in real time. There are many benefits to both the field and the manager, and you can work efficiently while reducing the work load. As a result, sales of the busy period of January 2019 reached a record high of 12 million yen. It is 20% up because it was up to about 10 million yen until now. With the annual sales of ¥ 1.6 billion, the target for the next fiscal year of ¥ 2 billion has been achieved. Because we have a limited number of staff, all staff are now fully operational.

In the future, with the aim of expanding business, we will increase the number of personnel, improve service to existing customers, and seek new customers. Since there are many parts that have not been used for half a year since introducing “cyzen”, I would like to further utilize the functions that help improve our business and achieve the goal. About “cyzen” From August 2012, Red Fox has created a new way of working by providing location-based work style reform application “cyzen” that enables attendance management and reporter creation from a smartphone. Until now, “cyzen” has been used to develop and implement new functions and demonstration experiments with the aim of improving the productivity of corporate salespeople and supporting working style reforms, and as a result, it has been listed in Japan in six years from the start of service provision. It is used for more than 1,300 companies, from corporations to small and medium enterprises.

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Head office location: 2-16-12 Shimomaruko Ota-ku, Tokyo 146-0092 Established: November 1, 1990 Representative: Yuichiro Kuwahara Business contents: Lunch box lunch, business trip banquet and packing adjustment, Kaiseki food, meeting lunch box URL: tamanoya-tamagoya.jp/
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Red Fox has been providing smart work accelerator “cyzen” using smartphones since August 2012, and has more than 1,300 results. Company Name: Red Fox, Inc. (English Name: redfox, Inc.) Location: 21st floor Marunouchi Double Bridge Building, Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: President and CEO Hirotoshi Bessho Established: May 18, 1989 Capital: 3604 million yen Business Description: ・ Expand “cyzen” to innovate sales, maintenance and other operations with smartphones website: www.redfox.co.jp/ www.cyzen.cloud/

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