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  • 【KADOKAWA CO., LTD.】 “If you are cute, will you like being a pervert?” New latest popular works such as Daisuke Suzuki’s new work and “My canojo sensei” appeared crispy! MF Bunko J February new edition is on sale February 25!

“If you are cute, will you like being a pervert?” New latest popular works such as Daisuke Suzuki’s new work and “My canojo sensei” appeared crispy! MF Bunko J February new edition is on sale February 25!

KADOKAWA Corporation Would you like to be a metamorphosis if you are cute if you decide to animate TV? In the latest volume, new works such as Daisuke Suzuki new work and “My canojo sensei” appear crispy! MF Bunko J February new publication is released on February 25! ………………………………………………………………………………… February 25th! MF Bunko J, the release date of the new issue of February has become! First of all, TV anime conversion is officially announced the other day “If you are cute, will you like to become a pervert? Volume 7 of the series will be released! I decided to talk about the agreement to make TV series an animated book titled “New sensation transformation love comedy” on another occasion, so if you read it anyway, it is okay so young love rice is coming! Thank you for your cooperation with this collection, which will be delivered confidently by MF Bunko J, the principal mountain of love comedes! And speaking of love comedes, this person can not be removed and it is impossible to talk about Suzuki Daisuke, that new series that we send with full will say “Miyamoto Sakura is a cute novel. “! Heroine Miyamoto It is a novel that talks about the goodness of cherry blossoms! Of course there are mysterious stories while talking, but it is a novel that loves heroines just as easily! In addition, as for the new series, Wakata Ken’s “Brave Children and Heroes Maids”, Mirror Bowlers “Musou Invincible Out of the Standard Witch” appears! Would you like to be loved by a maid as a hero, or approach a goddess as a hero? To those who are greedy, buy 2 title set! It is recommended by all means. Of course, the latest volume of the popular series is also available in large quantities. “Cheers! “You are already dead meteor shower” “My canojo teacher” “Why do not anybody remember my world?” “Another World Torture Princess”, spring also gets closer gradually In this February this is still a disorderly shoot! Enjoy the world of MF Bunko J to be excited while waiting for the upcoming Spring! A new publication in February is on sale!
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[Decided to make TV animation! 】
Would you like to be a pervert if it is cute? 7 Work / Hanagata Illustration / sune
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/7006/5584/resize/d7006-5584-401825-0.jpg]
Calligraphy department that we all earn money to spend part of expenses by the student council’s order. And despite such a period I was disappointed with Sayuki senpai for a trifling argument, made me cry. Fill Saike’s senior byte failures with a store festival opening store! “Everyone wants me to wear sexy maid dress for money!” In a hurry, we decided to open a maid cafe, we made maid dresses, developed menus, and made preparations for each. It’s okay, we can certainly do anything! It was somehow we celebrated the day, “Hibi senpai! You do not have anything at all!” New sensation transformation of great breakthrough Systemic love comedy, violent VS student council edition! Price price 620 yen + tax
■ Work Special Site mfbunkoj.jp/special/hentai/
■ Anime official website hensuki.com/
■ KADOKAWA official website bibliographic information www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321810000833/
【New series! 】
Miyamoto Sakura is a cute novel. Work / Daisuke Suzuki Illustration / rurudo
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/7006/5584/resize/d7006-5584-558492-1.jpg]
Miyamoto Sakura is cute. Because, Reason 1 Looks cute Reason 2 Facial expression is changing around cute Reason 3 Riding in tune as solemn as cute Reason 4 Remember the promise of marriage when you are small still cute Reason 5 Secretly breasts are big You know, there is no way it can not be cute. In other words, this is the purest novel of the world that exists to love her. By the way I am Okami Hikaru. It seems that Sakura ‘s childhood friend is reincarnating the Ogin Odin of the Nordic mythology. List price main body 580 yen + tax
■ Work Special Site mfbunkoj.jp/special/sakurachan/
■ KADOKAWA official website bibliographic information www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321810000840/
【New series! 】
Shogi brave and maid daughter Written by Kota Kota Illustration / Pinyoshi
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/7006/5584/resize/d7006-5584-594228-2.jpg]
Zion, the hero who was once declared a priest, will defeat the demon king and save the world, but the kingdom will be expelled by “curse of the devil”, and you will be forced to retreat at the frontier. As a boy who rescued the world, but hated by the world, live with four maid daughters from a certain time. If you fight you are unbeatable Zion, but we send everyday maids a day to keep teasing. “Why are you sleeping in my bed?!” “Why did you say that I was a dinner party?” “Well, she’s like me!” “… you guys are playing with me Let’s get down to it too. “Because they are too strong, they are persecuted Shogun’s hero, a little unusual maids. The strongest boy living calmly in the frontier and the sisters living together living together! Price price 620 yen + tax
■ Work Special Site mfbunkoj.jp/special/maid-onesan/
■ KADOKAWA Official Site Bibliographic Information www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321810000834/
【New series! 】
Musou unrivaled nonstandard wizard Goddess’s disciple is strongest harem hero life even with zero attack power Written by Mirror Bowl Illustration / Mochizuki Mochizuki
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/7006/5584/resize/d7006-5584-368918-3.jpg]
Become the hero to the world’s greatest wizard, and the world! Scherm, who became a disciple of the goddess Hallis who is bought out a superb magical talent and stands at the top of the magic circle, was made up of magical arms and swore to the venerable maestro Tierra … … . “Yeah, impossible, because you can not use the magic attack at all with a talented swing to state magic.” Although it was Shurumu beaten, it clears the extreme training by Hurdis and arrives at “just ahead” of mere condition magic. Heroism of Sherm starts from here … Is it? The greatest knockout battle comedy opening in Scherm’s strongest magician’s strongest wizard! Price price 620 yen + tax
■ Work Special Site mfbunkoj.jp/special-contents/musou_muteki/sp.html
■ KADOKAWA official site bibliographic information www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321810000831/ My teacher Canojo 3 Work Illustration / Goro
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/7006/5584/resize/d7006-5584-674554-4.jpg]
<I have a pretty close relationship with my teacher! Since teacher dislikes me, Saki Shin is confessed to teacher of beauty teacher and Ms. Masaka Fujishiro, I have received a little guidance like every day since I was confessed. One day that such everyday was continuing, Mr. Maka sensei 's "education" was brought to the teacher' s teacher! "Sachiki, let us part together …" That? Moreover, Lolli pretty girls and innocent lizards ran away and rolled in, parents of Mr. Maka sensei became pinch, and only trouble. Gradle's heavenly sewing and student council president Karen senior crowd pushing my house, what happens to me and Maka sensei? Absolutely not to be both thoughts (!?) The two forbidden love comedes, the third hour of the turbulence! Price price 620 yen + tax
■ Work Special Site mfbunkoj.jp/special-contents/kanojo_sensei/sp.html
■ KADOKAWA official website bibliographic information www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321810000839/ You are already dead Meteor shower 3 / Tsuyoshi Matsuyama Illustration / Coffee aristocrat
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/7006/5584/resize/d7006-5584-925923-5.jpg]
Amano Ryo Hoshino lost his life with a satellite terrorist “large meteor shower”. Plain Earth fulfills the time leap in high school days to save her. So he accidentally knows that her classmate girl Uno Seikai dreams of idol. From the form of Ryosuke and Imari, I learned the wonder of life that chase my dream. However, the 25 – year – old Uno that I saw in the future was broken and frustrated by my dream. Can a dream whose failure is confirmed be called a dream? As the earth is suffering, a mysterious drone emerges above the apartment and starts to monitor Hoshino. Riichiro Hayato who begins to leap again, a mysterious meteorite that falls in Tsunemino city, information on the discovery of extraterrestrial life forms. “Dream” and “Space” are the impressive biggest theme, the third bullet of super-expansion! Price price 660 yen + tax
■ Work Special Site mfbunkoj.jp/special/kimishini/
■ KADOKAWA official website bibliographic information www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321810000375/ Cheers! 4 / Akamatsu Junior High School Illustration / Kobuichi
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/7006/5584/resize/d7006-5584-713229-6.jpg]
“- The winner is … … South High School, Cears!” Girls’ physical education school · south high school which nurtures all athletes. Five years ago, there were 15 cheering members who won the Cheer All Japan Cup and was called Baishira. Cears’ ace of those days was Kawasumi Amaki, the name of deputy ace Saori Kinokura. They were a combination who built a golden age. Why did Saori lose his passion for Cheer and why came to Cheers again as a coach. The past is connected with the present, the seventh of the Chisen love coaches the best name in Japan – the last piece fits !! And the summer camp is also set to begin in the sea! What appeared there … ….? Price price 620 yen + tax
■ Work Special Site mfbunkoj.jp/special/cheers/
■ KADOKAWA Official Site Bibliographic Information www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321810000838/ Why do not anyone remember my world? 6 Tenma’s Dream Work / Hiroyuki Rei Illustration / neco
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/7006/5584/resize/d7006-5584-404810-7.jpg]
The boy Kai who decided to “regain the true world” approaches to the masterpiece that has altered this world while meeting the heroes and elite of various tribes. After breaking the enemy machine type enemy Mother D at the end of the fierce battle, the recorder Kai got had the voice of a man who called the prophet Sid was left. What is the truth of the masterpiece told by Sid -. Meanwhile, the six heroic mirrors (Riken Kyoko), Vanessa, Raisey et al., Three heroes, collide with each other as the racial speculation gets tangled. And, in this world “Two Sido” Arcane and Theresia, who received the protection of the prophet god, hear the opportunity to assault three heroes. Right now, this world will enter “nobody’s memory” -! Price price 620 yen + tax
■ Work Special Site mfbunkoj.jp/special/nazeboku/
■ KADOKAWA official website bibliographic information www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321810000835/ Different world torture princess 7.5 Author / Rayi Keiji Illustration / Saki Ukai
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/7006/5584/resize/d7006-5584-186097-8.jpg]
This is the everyday life that Paddler, Elisabeth, Hina spent, happy memory like a dream – distant days. Hadaraton suffered from a nightmare, Elisabeth was pushed by fanatics, Hina was missing? In addition, after the end of the demise “One day”, a feast for celebrating the third anniversary of Elisabeth ‘s security maintenance forces as president is to be held by the proposal by Pallas and Hina … ….? Isabella that exerts a natural dish? Melting Jeanne? “Butcher” involving Uzza in Vlad? The venue has a chaotic appearance … …? A luxurious short editor with a novel and illustration added to the Web series short stories. This is a piece of happiness, a story connected to the future. Price price 620 yen + tax
■ Work Special Site novel-zero.com/ayasato_ukai/goumon/
■ KADOKAWA official website bibliographic information www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321705000506/

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