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Kochi 100 people will hold Kaigi vol.3 on 3/30 (Sat) at Kochi Startup BASE!

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We will hold 100 people Kaigi vol.3 at Kochi Startup BASE on 3/30 (Sat)! We aim at new community making from 100 people working in … Kochi ………………………………………………………………………………………… Kochi Startup BASE, run by Aichitas Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Atsushi Hara / Takeshi Ozawa), has 100 people working in the town as a starting point for thinking about the town’s way of life, and for people working nearby We will hold the third session of the new era “Kouchi 100 people Kaigi”, which will create a gentle connection, on March 30, 2019 (Sat).
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“Kochi 100 people Kaigi vol. 3” The 100 people who work in the area, as a trigger, rediscover the way of the town and value, and connect people loosely Even with “100 people Kaigi”, “Kochi” has started in January based on the Kochi Startup BASE. By touching the 100 people’s way of life and work experience, the usual scenery looks a little different. There is one rule. Disband when 100 guests. We invite five active guests in Kochi each time to talk about their way of life and their thoughts. This time, vol.3 will be working abroad in New Zealand and Canada, returning to Kochi, people who are very active and developing gifts on the theme of “Traveling Bundan”, “business travel sales of clothes” If you have a new challenge, we will welcome a certified Shinya counselor and a variety of guests.
【Vol.3 Guest profile】
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Kimihiro Yokoyama (Ortol Co., Ltd. Representative Director / Tosa Mikoto Co., Ltd. Director / Special Envoy for Kochi Tourism) After high school, I went to the cooking path. After that I graduated from a part-time system while studying at the boardroom. In 1998, he got a job at Carlton Hotel NZ in New Zealand. Returned in 2000 to succeed Tosa Gyoen Co., Ltd., a family business. In 2011, he served as the General Manager of the 20th Adolescent Directorate of All Travel Relations Youth Division and commissioned a Kochi Prefecture Tourism Special Envoy. The first inn 2013 Koshien chairman. 2014 ~ Tosa “Okiyaku” fourth generation executive chairperson. In 2016, he became Executive Director of Tosa Gyoen Co., Ltd. and became a part-time director, and established Ortol Co., Ltd. Currently a representative director. We also handle consulting, etc., focusing on restaurant management.
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Reina Kawamura (Shinya Certified Counselor) I am from Amami Oshima. After graduating from Kochi Prefectural University, he worked as a social worker in a psychiatric hospital and a general department hospital for about five years, and went to Motoyama town after marriage. Since I started working at a nursery, I acquired a nursery teacher by myself. Retirement after pregnancy for the first child, giving birth to the second child two years later. She was a full-time homemaker for 5 years, and she was raising children at home. Two years ago, I decided to become a psychological counselor in the wake of my friend’s suicide and went to a counseling school, and opened as a private business in November 2017 and is currently conducting counseling activities.

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Junya Yano (President, Sanyo Meyano Kanko Farm Co., Ltd.) From Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture. Farming at the 22nd year of 2002, cultivating greenhouse Bundan 30 ares, Alley Bundan 100 are, Alley production 50 Are. I quit the greenhouse greenhouse cultivation in 2010, and I will increase it to 100 g. We would like more people to know Bundan and Tosa Miyanouchi, and in 2018, we set up the “3rd Generation Yano Kinko Farm”. As a new initiative, we conducted research on taste quality continuing from the first generation more than before, reexamined the selection method of fruits, put “Kinko Bundan” which selected only Bundan with excellent taste balance in the original gift box, “Travel Bundan” We are developing retail sales so that we can deliver as a gift even from one style to the style of delivering as a gift, from the conventional style of delivering a large amount of cardboard boxes with the theme of.
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Kouki Yuki (mamanstyle store manager) Opened an online store in Rakuten Market and a real store in Ochimachi. Mainly handles women’s apparel. A sense of crisis over the decline in the number of customers in the shopping street, and opening in Rakuten market in 2008 under the name “mamanstyle”, 10 years have passed. About three years ago, “Ochi Marchais” is held twice a year with the idea that “the bustling shopping street with a crowded street!”, And people around the city enjoy it. In addition, in response to the voice of customers saying “I would like to have a store in the city,” about two years ago, we challenge the “business trip sales of clothes” rather than mobile sales. Now it is haunted in various places such as Kochi city and Shimanto city.
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Hisada Morita (Student Engineer) I’m from Hokkaido. Planning and development of Vacant, a matching service for vacant houses and vacant mountains, based on the concept of “to the most exciting locations for vacant houses and vacant mountains”. Currently, test operation before release is implemented. In 2015, enrolled in Kochi University Humanities Department International Social Communication Department. After leaving the second year, I will take a leave of absence and work as a web manager at a company in Toronto, Canada. After returning to Japan, after experiencing an engineer at SHIFTPLUS Inc., he plans to develop web services centering on students.
[Kochi 100 people Kaigi vol.3 implementation summary]
Event name: Kouchi 100 people Kaigi vol. 3 Date and time: March 30, 2019 (Sat) 19: 00-21: 00 (Open: 18:45) Venue: Kochi Startup BASE (Kochi City Kochi City South Palace 90-1 Kochi Ashiya Shoten 3F) Application method: Please apply from the web page (100ninkaigi-vol3.peatix.com/). Participation fee: 1,000 yen (tax included) with drink ※ It becomes prior decision. Sponsorship: CHA CAFE ASUNARO
[With 100 people Kaigi]
The familiarity of companies, organizations, and communities that started as a result of realizing that “There are people who have worked in the same company but have never talked to” who is a general incorporated corporation INTO THE FABRIC It started as a community activity that creates a loose connection between people. Starting with the “Minato ward 100 people Kaigi” launch in Roppongi in 2016, it has spread throughout the country including Shibuya Ward, Shinjuku Ward, Sagamihara City, Tsukuba City and Yunnan City.
[About Kochi Startup BASE]
Kochi Startup BASE is Kochi Prefecture’s first co-creation start-up, career support established in Kochi Ashiya Shoten (store.tsite.jp/kochi/), which was grandly opened on December 3, 2018. It is a facility (private establishment private management) for the purpose. In addition to new business creation seminars and entrepreneur development programs, workshops using the LEGO (R) SERIOUS PLAY (R) method, various seminars for career improvement, and coworking spaces and event spaces are provided. You are In addition, we are developing various projects that aim to create opportunities to realize the way of life and way of work that you would like to achieve, such as the “Kouchi Women Entrepreneur Support Project” and “Kochi My Project Dojo”. URL: startup-base.jp SNS: www.facebook.com/KochiStartupBASE
【Company Profile】
Aichitas Co., Ltd. (English: H-tus Ltd.) Head office location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Atsushi Hara / Takeshi Ozawa URL: htus.jp Description of business: Co-creation type value creation using workshop, ideason and hackathon method Achieving a society where social innovation continues to occur in all areas of the world through co-creation
◆ Regional activation
◆ Product, service, business model creation consulting
◆ Human resources education
◆ Co-creation platform creation, planning, management
◆ Planning and operation of Kochi Startup BASE (in Kochi Ashiya Bookstore)

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