Exhibits of ethical and sustainable fashion are decided one after another! March 27 (Wednesday) “Fashion World Tokyo Spring”

Reed Exhibition Japan Ltd. Exhibits of ethical and sustainable fashion are decided one after another! March 27 (Wednesday) “Fashion World Tokyo Spring” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Reed Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku / President & CEO: Tadao Ishizumi) is the 6th International Day at Tokyo Big Sight for three days (Wednesday-29th (Fri)) We will hold “Fashion World Tokyo Spring”.
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Keywords such as “Essical” and “Sustainable” are becoming more serious due to resource depletion and pollution, and are spreading against the backdrop of rising environmental awareness. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which calls for a transition to a recycling economy, the apparel and fashion industry emits 12 trillion tons of greenhouse gases annually. It is said to be the industry that is the second largest environmental problem after the petroleum industry. In today’s increasingly environmentally conscious environment, consumers are changing to look for better fashion, including not only fashion and quality but also background. From the 27th of March (Wednesday) for the 3rd, “6th International Fashion World Tokyo Spring” will be held at Tokyo Big Sight. Here are some of them. The exhibition is Japan’s largest * fashion product exhibition, in which 750 fashion companies from 40 countries, including apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories, will exhibit their products. AW of this year 49,000 kinds including new works gather in one hall. Now that economic consumption is recommended, please come to stock of a number of featured brands and products.
■ Exhibition brand (some excerpts) Japan’s First Landing Ethical & Fair Trade Brand Brand Name: UPASANA (Upasana) / Company Name: Fairy’s Favorite Ion Retail Co., Ltd.
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Southern Village’s Ethical Village, a brand of elegant, fair-traded hand-woven hand-woven and organic-cotton originated in Auroville. The synergy of traditional textile technology and high design that has been carefully selected has led to a number of people becoming addicted to go through the sleeves once. An essential bag from Amsterdam, The Netherlands Brand Name: OMYBAG / Company Name: LAULHERE
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The Netherlands-Amsterdam brand whose mission is to “provide positive change in the world” through essential bags and leather accessories. The vintage vintage style bag with the highest quality eco-leather is a sophisticated taste that works in every scene from on to off. Mexican bag brand made of recycled materials Brand Name: Jules Dwij / Company Name: (with) Shooting Stars
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Jules Dwij is a Mexican bag brand. Sustainable bags made from recycled leather and cork are all handmade and feature engraving like laser cut. Swiss Ethical brand bag Brand Name: Schreif / Company Name: Schreif
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Schreif (Schleif) is a bag brand founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2011. It is made by reusing tire tubes that were to be disposed of in El Salvador, Central America. Swiss-like elaborate design is a fine and tough bag that does not depend on the times. Sustainable Mongolian luxury cashmere Brand Name: EDEM cashmere / Company Name: Tsast sogoot LLC
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Brand established in 2012. We support Mongolian nomads through the production of cashmere garments using organic materials, and develop fair and sustainable businesses. A rich array of high quality cashmere products acclaimed for textile gems. Summary of the event Japan’s largest * fashion product exhibition Name: 6th International Fashion World Tokyo Spring Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Date: March 27 (Wed)-29 (Fri), 2019 10:00-17:00 Organizer: Reed Exhibition Japan Ltd. Concurrently held: The 4th International Fashion Production Materials World Tokyo Spring
▼ 6th International Fashion World Tokyo Spring www.fashion-tokyo.jp/prtimes0322_top/
▼ Apply for an invitation ticket (free) from here www.fashion-tokyo.jp/prtimes0322_inv/ ※ If you do not have an invitation ticket, it costs ¥ 5,000 per person. Contact Organizer Reed Exhibition Japan Ltd. Fashion World Tokyo Office TEL: 03-6634-0787 * Comparison of the number of exhibitors and product display area with similar exhibitions. * The number of countries listed, the number of exhibitors, and the number of products are final estimates and may increase or decrease at the time of the event. ※ This exhibition is an exhibition aimed at business negotiations. Admission to the general public and those under 18 is not permitted.

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